Yomi Denzel is a multi-millionaire that was able to turn around his fortune in less than one year, leveraging the power of the internet and e-commerce. As an entrepreneur, it can be a bit difficult to find a work-life balance, particularly due to the stress associated with ensuring that all measures are in place to ensure that clients are satisfied. However, Yomi seems to have been able to manage stress effectively while pursuing his goal. In this article, the young entrepreneur talks about how he has been able to manage the stress that comes with being a business person to avoid burnout and achieve constant success.

Managing work-related stress and burnout

According to Yomi Denzel, running a business can be messy. Therefore, he preaches thinking like Pareto and using the 20/80 rule in a stressful period. Yomi believes that some issues are best left to slide, particularly due to their triviality. This also makes it easy to focus on more important components of the business. 

The entrepreneur also sees himself as a lover of life, as he peaches the principle of “enjoying life,” no matter how little. “Meditating is a really effective way to wind down. In hard times, this is extremely important. Meditating 10 minutes a day can completely remove the underlying stress that will create burnout in the long term,” said Yomi Denzel.

Yomi also advised that entrepreneurs step back from work regularly to do something outside the business, as this serves as motivation for the new week.

Achieving Success 

Yomi Denzel stated that focusing on the big picture is a major motivator for achieving success. The “Why” of starting the business should always keep the entrepreneur gunning for more laurels. Consequently, he advised against starting a business just to make money as this is often the beginning of the end of any business. Rather, entrepreneurs should start a business for freedom, family, and future children. Basically, entrepreneurs should start a business to change their life.

Yomi also advised setting smaller, achievable goals such as “Writing my product description today,” as it helps the entrepreneur to stay productive and focused, without getting get overwhelmed or burned out from a seemingly impossible task.

Overcoming Challenges and Staying Motivated

Yomi describes himself as a lover of competition and sees business as a worldwide race to launch and to produce the best products possible to the largest amount of people. According to him, overcoming challenges is motivation. Consequently, he looks forward to solving bigger challenges is to continue growing and succeeding.

Yomi hopes to continue to expand his business and of course, overcome more challenges as an entrepreneur.