Are you one of those people who have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning knowing that they have a long day at a job that they don’t really like? Have you ever watched people who enjoy what they do and secretly envied them? And do you, perhaps, believe that they are among the “blessed few” only because they have been able to find an indescribable passion for a profession?

Yotvat Kariti is one of the “lucky ones” who has managed to find a profession that both fulfills her and allows her to make a decent earning.  For Yotvat, what began as a hobby of photographing New Yorkers out on the streets, slowly turned into a full developed business.

In her career as a photographer, Yotvat Kariti often meets people who feel that something is wrong with them because they have not been able to find their ideal profession. Because mantras such as “follow your passion” are so often used to describe why it is important to live life on your own standards, they feel lost because they have not yet found such passion.

But, finding an interest you passionately love is not as difficult as it may seem, and there is no age limit to finding it. Here are some fresh ways to help you find and follow your passion:

Ask yourself three simple questions

Sometimes it is enough to set aside some time for yourself, to truly reflect on your own life, to write down some dreams that you previously thought were unattainable, and to slowly crystallize the things that really matter to you. For starters, think about the activities that never bother you, what topics you could read in a hundred books without being bored, what you could do, even if you weren’t paid or what you would do if get a huge inheritance that makes you no longer existentially dependent on any business. Feel free to write down even things like “browsing recipes online”, “hanging out with your loved ones”, “relaxing on an exotic beach”, “fishing”… All these things can help you find out what you really enjoy, so you can turn hobbies and leisure into your business or just enjoy life more.

Find the things you are average at

It is easy to think that only people who are top-notch in their profession are living their passion. However, this is not always the case. There may be more things that you are happy to do, but in which you are not extraordinary. And when you work to bring some of them together into one unique combination, you might be able to discover your passion. A great example is Steve Jobs, who was certainly not the best IT expert in the world, the best salesman, the best designer nor the best CEO, but he was a unique blend of all those things that made him one of the greatest leaders of the new age.

Use the power of visualization

Imagine getting up early, jumping out of bed excited about going to work. Dress fast and be enthusiastic about the day ahead. The sun shines on your room as you happily prepare for your work day. What would that work day look like? What would you see, hear and fee? What kind of clothes would you wear? What kind of mood would you be in after returning from such a job? Imagine the details of a day at work that excites you, even if you weren’t paid for it. Looking to the future can also help. Imagine being very old and summarizing your life achievements and successes. What would you like to think about your career then? What is it that you would happily do for decades, as long as your body, mind and soul carry you? This is your true passion!