Conformity is the gaoler of freedom, and the enemy of growth — John F Kennedy

Our financial and emotional foundations have been rocked.  

We have been conditioned to conform, to listen to negative media and commentary.  To submit to a way of schooling, working, living that is definitive, structured. There has been little place for extraordinary creativity, entrepreneurial mindsets, adventurous spirits.  

As humans – when faced with fear – we do one of 2 things. 

1. Retreat, become overwhelmed, small, depressed, distressed. Allowing life’s overwhelming challenges to cause us to shrink, to give up on our dreams. We become controlled. Being told what we can or can’t do. 

2. We find the fire deep within our spirit that causes us to rise up, be bold, to see what others can’t see. To hold to the dreams, promises, freedom and purpose which are innate to the heart. We become driven by the thought of caring for others, solving problems, inspiring, growing and pursuing a life of freedom.

If we want to not fall prey to emotional and financial poverty, we must recognise the importance of purpose.

I believe we are innately wired for purpose. The Hebrew word for purpose is “Tochnit,” a master-plan or blueprint, a basic aim or purpose for all creation, all life. 

YOU have a unique blueprint.  It’s a masterful, creative expression of you. Your Identity and purpose is not defined by your boss, your education, or your job title. 

If you don’t bury your talents, you will multiply. Purpose calls on your natural gifts, talents, deepest desires, divinely inspired and imprinted within your spirit. It’s the desire to contribute, to particularly care. You have passion, energy and capacity for your purpose.  

It may be something you loved doing as a kid, a sport, or the way you support people in a unique way. Are you a great organiser? Cook like no-one else? Can you paint? Teach? Sing? When you do this thing – you are joyful.  You are completely in flow.  

How do I find my purpose and get paid for it?  

Most people do know, deep down, what they want – they are just scared they won’t get it! 

Maybe no-one has asked you the right questions to draw out your S.U.O. Secret Unique Offer©.  You are not sure how to commercialise your talent, confidently articulate your value, define a unique personal brand, market, create an online program or product, scale your business, or overcome your fears about money, selling or finding the right job.  

Now is the perfect storm for getting paid for your purpose. 

The world is in a Kairos moment.  The word Kairos is an Ancient Greek word meaning the right, critical or opportune moment. There are many new problems that need to be solved.

People who live on purpose see opportunities that others don’t see.  They solve big problems in a unique way. 

Here’s an example: People need to find new ways to entertain themselves at home. The person who draws can teach others how to draw, run art therapy classes, and carve out a niche business doing something which is simple to them, but which could solve someone’s stress, help them to relax and focus. 

What kind of problems can you solve? What do others ask you for help with? What comes easily to you? 

Purpose is also described as intention. I LOVE this word! 

When we become intentional – our Reticular Activating System is wired to move towards the goal, and achieve it faster. 

When we commit to a vision – others follow.

When I started my first business in my 20’s, my parents and husband were cautious and nervous, concerned I wouldn’t make money. I was nervous too! But something in me wanted it so badly, I chose to push through my own fears. 

I remember a distinct moment when I turned an emotional corner. I made a decision. I would no longer doubt whether I should keep going. I must pursue this calling, and so resist the pull to fear what others feared. I continued to stay in my lane – and finally broke through to a 6 figure business.

We must ‘come into agreement’ with pursuing our goal no matter what – and come ‘out of agreement’ with doubt or despair.

Sheesh…. I MUST Niche to find my tribe!

Who appreciates and enjoys you? 

When did you have a positive experience with a project, a client, a fellow worker, a friend, or a boss? These are clues to your niche! Who applauds you?

The more you express the more you’ll impress:

State what you believe with congruence and confidence. When you do this– you will draw those to you who believe the same. People want to know the unusual, interesting and unique things about you.   It takes courage to be visible.

The word Distinction means:  “Excellence that sets someone apart from others.  Difference or contrast between similar things or people”. 

Be distinct!  What do you do that is different to what others do? Is your process or perspective unique?  

Your secret process or product may be hidden in your pain! 

Pain is like a furnace…it refines gold.

When I went through depression, financial loss, I found ways to connect with God, to find peace, creativity, to identify the hidden lies, rules and beliefs that were causing me to feel anxious about money. I finally started to shift my own financial and emotional state.  I created a money blueprint & process to help others – Neuro-flow™ blending neuroscience, prophetic and practical keys to grow income, and end money fear. What pain have you overcome?

Seek to connect with something higher than yourself. 

When I deeply communicate with God, I get ideas and strategies for my clients and myself which work. I believe the Bible is the best business blueprint in the world.  Your financial miracles are often hidden in places you haven’t looked before.  

Your purpose is all of you, your whole identity. Mine this gold within – and go create.

© Copyright Louise Taylor 2020


  • Louise Taylor

    High Performance, Wellness and Sales Mindset Mentor

    With extensive experience in how to rapidly move through hidden emotional and sales barriers & identify commercial opportunities - Louise's Taylor's knowledge of what drives human behaviour & spirit has earned Louise the opportunity to coach experts, teams, business owners and executives all over the world. Founder of the Identity Program©, Money Mindfit™ and Neuro-Flow© technique, Louise uses neuro-science, & an unrivaled depth of intuitive coaching tools to help you break the bad and build the good. Her clients include HCF, Nutricia, St Vincent De Paul & many more in the Health Sector, Direct Selling, Church, Sporting, Retail & Fitness industries. Louise is engaged to speak to large companies on how to elevate sales & build a connected, courageous culture by rewiring the mind & redefining the way people think feel and behave. Strategic Advisor, Speaker, High Performance Coach Certified HBDI™ Practitioner, Neuro-flow Practitioner, Songwriter and Author - Identity Program Suite.