You are already the person you are seeking to become.

Living life Goddesspowered is not becoming someone new, it’s being who you already are.

It is letting go of the version of who you think you are to allow the true you to come to the surface.

How do you do that? It is as simple as making a choice.

I have spent so many years trying to ‘become’ a version of myself the version that I saw in my minds eye.

The person I was created such a tension in me, I was totally dissatisfied with her.

She had hang ups, she didn’t make great choices, she couldn’t formulate words to express how she felt, she lived in a state of terror, terror at being rejected and not accepted.

She lived the life of a chameleon, shape shifting to suit others.

She didn’t speak up to defend herself, instead allowing people to use her as their scapegoat, and she let them.

The fear of even the unkindest of people rejecting her always running the show.

Her life was hanging on that one goal, being accepted by others.

Being seen by others.

Being needed by others.

Being part of a something.

All the while the person she wanted to be she already was.

She always had been.

Peaceful mind.

Open heart.

Living free from the need to be accepted by others.

Embracing all of life.

Knowing the limitless opportunities available to her.

A burning flame of courage glowing inside, stepping over fear towards where her heart was leading her.

The version she had created and was living out silenced her true self.

The moment I decided to be true to myself, the person I wanted to be flowed to the top.

My inner Goddess.

The fearless, courageous, worthy, light, powerful, peaceful, awakened true version of me and of all women.

We are one choice away from living life Goddesspowered.

Or we can continue to live life being unconscious powered, allowing beliefs we form along our journey to become the lens we see ourselves through.

Limiting our connection to the beautiful truth within.

Who do you want to be?

For she is who you already are.

You do not have an image of who you would like or yearn to be by coincidence, you have a picture of your true self and a knowing that this is who you are for a reason – for she IS your truth.

Start to be that today Goddess.

Leanne MacDonald is a published author and International Spiritual Transformation Coach on a mission to awaken women to their pure potential, so they are free to live life courageously, unbound and Goddesspowered!

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