You have an amazing super human power. At any moment you can harvest the wisdom of your cells.

You have the power to restore your energy back to your best state and from that place you see what is possible.
It’s not a duality. 
Allopathic v. Naturopathic 
Modern v. Mystical
Every source is striking evidence of our human capacity. Look at all we are capable of. Distilling all the rich resources and knowledge in the universe so that we can operate in a state of peak existence.
It is always a choice and it can start with the very way you eat. What, when and how – it all comes down to energy.

The old adage is ever so true; where your attention goes energy flow. Check out this FREEtraining video. I discuss this very concept when it comes to the foods you are eating. When you align to your food and not calories and maintaining your rocking body of health becomes so effortless.

Here is an additional resource that I usually reserve for my private clients and felt called to share it. It is a powerful guide to shift the energy and intention you have with your food.


1- Create a morning ritual. Set your intentions for the the day.
Then journal, meditate the following; what do you want today to look like? How do you want to feel today? How do you want to eat today? How do you want to move about today?

2- Align with your body. We have the tendency to think about what other people need or think. (what does my family want to eat? When do my kids need their meals? What does my work schedule allow me time for today? What would other people think of my food choices? I “can’t” eat that. That food is bad for me!) That is the opposite of alignment because it never once factors in your intentions from Step 1.
Take a deep breath.
Quiet your mind.
Then ask; what does my body most need from me today? What is it calling me to do today? What is it craving more than anything else?

3- Integrate. First you do your morning mindset practice to set your intentions and get clear. Then you quiet all the external distractions and tune in with your body. Now that you know your brain will kick in and try to stop you because of fear. These thought patterns of putting others first and being concerned with what others think are familiar and “safe”. And also the habits of the foods you are “used” to eating. So the question to ask here is; how would I fuel myself if I were not afraid? If I got back to the essence of my being without a concern in the world as to what would happen if I ate that, what would you want?

4-Take inspired aligned action. To keep doing what everyone else wants/needs. To act only from the place of fear and negativity…keeps you stuck!! It feels heavy and you see that it does not serve you in your highest identity. Instead, go through steps 1-3 and THEN TAKE ACTION FROM THAT PLACE. What is YOUR body craving and calling you to eat that would be in harmony with how you want to feel. How would you fuel yourself your peak existence and the rocking body of health you are calling in? for Listen. Act on it.

5- Accelerate your momentum. Put steps 1-4 into regular practice and create a layering effect. “Putting great fuel in my body. What I want when I want it. Moving and showing up the way I want in alignment with the essence of who I am feels amazing! NOW WHAT?” Ask yourself; what is the next most incredible great thing that I can do?? What amazing new aligned choice can I make? Keep going and circulating this exquisite hormonal flow. When it feels amazing always go for more.