Woman sitting on mountain overlooking lake

“I am not good enough”

Woman sitting on mountain overlooking lake

My friend from high school recently recommended a podcast for me to listen to. The title of the podcast was Conquering ‘I’m Not Good Enough.’

We all have that phase in our life when we think that we are very much lacking. Even people who are too proud and boastful would have experience questioning themselves at some point. But are we really not good enough? Or it’s just a matter of the perfect mindset?

Personally, I grew up that way. I’ve always felt that I am not good enough to do anything. I was surrounded by individuals who were smarter than I was in school. My cousins have so many talents that I barely could compare. I was not famous and I didn’t have anything to offer to the world. In short, I was not good enough.

But was I really?

Looking back in the past while listening to the podcast, made me realize that I may not excel at some areas, but that doesn’t mean that I was not good. To each his own, as they say. All of us have different strengths and weaknesses. Thus, we should never compare ourselves to others.

My self-esteem was crushed not because of what others did. They simply lived and did what they had to do – hone their talents. My self-esteem was crushed because of me. Yes, I ruined myself for not believing that I am not good enough.

Though I suck at dancing or singing, though I don’t know how to draw even stick figures, though I am not someone that people can look up to and be amazed at, I found myself at the right time when hope was almost out of reach.

I found writing.

Writing has helped me become a better person. I can write about my feelings and opinions as freely as I want. Writing compensated for my lack of verbal skills. Some say that I have more affinity with written words than I have with spoken words, to which I agree 100%.

Writing has not only become a talent for me but also became a medium for me to earn through freelancing. It has helped me widen my perspectives as much as it helps other people reading my piece.

Right now, I believe that nobody should think that they are not good enough. We are all good! In fact, we are all so good because God created us to be that way. All of us are meant for greatness. All we have to do is find that one (or several) things to make us realize that we have what it takes to become the best version of ourselves.

Success isn’t measured by how much you earn or your title. It’s best measured by knowing that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. Don’t let your inhibitions hold you down. Take one step forward and push harder because you are more than what you think you are.

To whoever is reading this, I hope you can find your own medium as I have found my writing! All the best!