“When we stop struggling,

We float.” -Mark Nepo

I tend to go silent when I hear someone speak of humans as ‘stuck.’ Are we? Are you? When I get a picture in my mind of ‘stuck’, I see a person fighting the thickest mud, like quicksand, which we all know is more than a temporary struggle.

The clients I work with are not stuck, they might be assessing a new opportunity or choosing from several exceptional possibilities. Occasionally I’m working with someone who is dealing with some temporary uncertainly about a job or relationship. Rarely, though, do I believe or do they, that they are STUCK.

I believe, as Mark Nepo, so beautifully has coined this, when we stop struggling, we begin to float. We don’t drown, we aren’t stuck, we are presented with an opportunity to ‘be’, and often in our stillness is where we find our solutions or answers.

My work is to help my clients, through mindfulness to help them grow in their self awareness, to be comfortable with the discomfort, to stop struggling with their problem or decision and to learn to float and discover stillness.

The next time you begin to tell yourself that stuck story, stop yourself and shift your mindset from stuck to still, or better yet, see yourself afloat on a crystalline body of blue green water and ‘be’.