Holding yourself back is a major way of limiting your greatness in life or stopping yourself. You see impossibilities even before they come, you are hindered from taking steps that will make you excel, you keep giving excuses instead of taking steps. Stopping yourself, limits you because you are scared of moving forward. Below are some of the signs that you are holding yourself back or stopping yourselfYou are a flake: That is when you lack integrity. You keep cancelling plans, not having confidence in yourself. This happens when you have a good plan but because you lack confidence, you decide to cancel it. That is breaking the edge at the points breakthrough. When this happens to you or is always happening to you, it means you are holding yourself back and this limit you or stop you from achieving a greater height in life.living in a self-imposed bubble: This is considering your condition as your portion, not wanting to leave your comfort zone, being satisfied with where you are instead of taking steps. You are hindered from greatness when you don’t respond to changes. To attain greatness in life, you must be willing to leave your comfort zone and respond to chances. Most times, when you leave your comfort zone and go to areas where you see challenges, the challenges will propel you to a greater height in life. Assuming or accepting the worst: This is also one factor or one way of holding oneself back in life thereby limiting your greatness. When you accept the worst, you find it difficult to move forward because you believe nothing good can come out of you. You feel that everything you do always turn out to be a failure or disappointment. This feeling makes you not to take steps because you feel that everything you do always turn out to be the worst.

Procrastination: This is a way of putting things off for other time instead of taking fast action. You feel that now is not the best time to take action that you will do it some other time. You think that you need to have everything in place before taking steps instead of making do with what you have. Procrastination is a hindrance to greatness because you wouldn’t know if you take action immediately whether things will turn in a positive direction.

Minding what people will say: minding what people will say hold you back from greatness and is a way
of stopping oneself. Instead of taking steps, you begin to consider the people around you, you begin to
think about what they will say about you, a lot of people have lost out in life because they are
considering how the world will see them now, for example, someone that just lost his job, instead of
thinking of what to do or maybe he already have an idea is considering how people will see him now or
what they will say. Because of this, he is ashamed to start up something.

When you stop dreaming: when you have a dream, you take action to achieve that dream, you give it all you have to make that dream a reality but when you stop dreaming, you hold yourself back to
greatness. When you stop dreaming, you lose focus, you are not guided, you lack directions. Having a dream and giving it all this takes to move one to a greater height in life. You stay focus on your dream, you mind your way and work in the positive directions in other to achieve your dream in life. Above examples are some of the ways of stopping oneself or holding one back from attaining a higher height in life. If you can avoid the factors above, you will make it in life. You don’t have to give excuses when you have the potentials, time and fit to effect changes that can make you outstanding in life. Always dream big and follow your dreams with all zeal, avoid procrastination, don’t mind what the world will say or think about you but instead mind where you are going. If you can consider the above, avoid the excuses and stay focus, you will never stop yourself from achieving a greater height in life.