Are you tired of him always having the upper hand in your relationship? Do you feel like he holds the power in your relationship and you’d like to change that? Do you feel like you put so much more into the relationship than he does? It’s not a good feeling to know that despite everything you do to make things better that he still holds the power in your relationship and does not seem willing to compromise. Learn more at Online 4 Love.

It’s really not fair but he knows you care about him and want things to work so he uses that to his advantage. He knows you’ll do almost anything to keep things going and it’s because of your feelings that he is able to keep the power in your relationship.

You’re going to have to change the way you are if you want some control. But if you’re not happy with the way things are playing out between you, are you really losing anything if he decides to walk? Nothing is going to change until you decide you’ve had enough. But when you reach that point, here’s what to do.

The first point may seem obvious when you hear it, but it really is the best place to start. Sit down and tell him how you feel about things. You could even give him the benefit of the doubt and say that you’re sure he’s not aware of how his refusal to make changes is making you so unhappy.

That gives him the chance to accept that things need to change without losing face and letting you win. And hopefully, he will be willing to look at your relationship through your eyes and realize that things aren’t fair.

While you’re talking, be specific about what bothers you so much. If for instance, he always picks the restaurant you eat at, or gives you a hard time about seeing your friends, or about how much money you spend on clothes, this is what you should talk to him about.
Then negotiate some changes, like you choosing the restaurant every other week, or setting up a girls’ night out, or budgeting a certain amount for clothes. Chances are he already does his own thing and spends money without telling you, so this is a good place to take back some of that power.

And when you point out the unfairness of him demanding things of you that he doesn’t do himself, hopefully the light bulb will go off for him and he’ll willingly accept some changes.

If being reasonable and appealing to his sense of fair play doesn’t work, you could always try the one thing that seems to produce results faster than any other. That’s the one where you withhold the physical part of your relationship until you get what you want.
There’s a reason why they say, all’s fair in love. So do whatever you need to in order to take back some of the power in your relationship. If those tips don’t work, I have a few more up my sleeve to send along to you.