According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, the Trump White House has already removed pages from it’s website regarding policies on climate change and civil rights, the rights of the disabled and the rights of the LGBTQ community. It is only one day after the inauguration.

Trump obviously isn’t listening to the opinions of the people he professed to represent. Over two million of them, just in the United States and more around the world, marched in protest today. Millions more were with them in spirit and solidarity, including myself. In our tiny Connecticut town, with a population of 10,000, over 1,000 people showed up. When Mr. Trump claimed that record numbers of people were pouring into Washington on January 19, he wasn’t wrong. He was wrong in claiming that they were there to see him, however. They were there to protest him. More people protested than attended the inauguration. Check out the photos, Mr. President. You can’t tweet that away.

If he would pay attention, read any of the signs or listen to even one of the speakers, Trump would learn that we are angry and don’t agree with his messages. We care about our planet and don’t think climate change is a hoax. We care about the lives and rights of everyone, including the disabled person he so easily made fun of, then denied doing it. We don’t think it is okay to grab anyone, much less a woman’s personal body parts. Didn’t you see all of the pink hats, Donald? They were symbolic.

The march is also a message to everyone who agrees with our President, elected or not. Backward, neanderthal-like thinking isn’t socially acceptable. I know what would happen if someone tried to grab my body or one of my daughter’s. I know what would happen if someone bullied or ridiculed another human in front of one of my family members also. It wouldn’t go on for very long.

As a Medical Intuitive, I rely on my guides and intuition to help get me through this often difficult life, personally and professionally. I know in my heart that what has been expressed in the President’s own words, is not moral, kind, just or acceptable and I’m not alone. As I was walking on the beach today, I asked my guides what I could do, as an individual, to help. The words that I heard were “love loudly”.

Almost immediately, I looked down and saw a lovely piece of rare, dark purple sea glass, tumbled by the ocean. I often ask my grandmother, who is no longer with us, to give me signs that she is watching over me by sending me pretty pieces of sea glass. I had been talking to her at the time as well as my guides.

My grandmother was born in 1910 and came here from Austria Hungary as a child. She and my grandfather saved my life, providing a refuge from my dysfunctional home whenever I needed it. She was tough as nails but gentle too. She lived to be almost 100, sharp as a tack until just a few years before her death. Her attitude was amazing, never complaining even when she had sufficient cause. She would have no use for Trump and would have loved to march today.

My grandmother “loved loudly”. She stood up for what was right and wasn’t afraid to express her opinion. She did things for other people without expecting anything in return. She wasn’t afraid to try new things or be on her own, even after the love of her life passed after over 50 years of marriage. She never blamed anyone else for problems, always took responsibility and she never stopped learning.

On this day of the Woman’s March on Washington, I think it is fitting that she and my guides sent me the words “love loudly”. I hope everyone continues to do that, just as millions around the world did today. I felt encouraged today for the first time after the election. My husband, daughters and I have often talked about the election being a long overdue, wake up call for the world, against wide spread oppression, discrimination, bullying, corruption and apathy. The giant isn’t sleeping anymore.

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  • Katie Beecher, MS, LPC.

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