I feel like I don’t have that much free time, but once I start talking about television, I reconsider that notion. Wanna geek out on Stanger Things? Let’s go. Discuss the plot twist of Ozarks? I’m in.

Whether I watch too much is neither here nor there. But my latest show of choice is the fantasy comedy series The Good Place.

The plot is simple. People die, and they either go to The Good Place or The Bad Place. Well, there’s also a Middle Place, but that just complicates things and would require too many spoilers.

The Good Place is the equivalent to heaven. You have everything you could dream of. All the amenities that make you happy. Literally a perfect day, every day.

So I got to thinking: what would my Good Place look like?

Without a doubt, there would always be perfectly brewed coffee. The kind made in a french press; not one of those glass jar diner coffee makers from hell.

I’d have a never-ending library of books from all different subjects. There would be the comfiest of chairs sitting in the middle of the room. Perhaps with a button that automatically produced salmon sashimi when pressed.

My backyard would be acres of land, with puppies roaming freely that always choose to come to have me pet them over anyone else. There are dogs of every breed, but remarkably, none of them shed. Or bark.

Ah, yes. My Good Place would be good.

Then I snap back to reality. Sitting on my roommate’s couch that her parents had back in the ’90s, I sip on my luke-warm coffee.

Why is it that I can’t incorporate some of those things into my actual life? While I’m still, you know, alive.

I quickly forget the little things that make me happy. I’ll spend money on a seventh denim jacket I don’t need without thinking. But $2 more to buy a better quality coffee? Hah. No way.

But the fact is, I know what makes me happy. And I’m (hopefully) not going to any Good/Bad/Middle place anytime soon; so why not make my time now more like my good place?

Why don’t we all make our lives a little more like The Good Place?

I mean, we deserve to be happy.

Even if it’s just little things like better coffee. We deserve to enjoy our lives. If there’s a slight tweak we can make, then why not do it?

Plus, we show up for others better when we are our best selves.

Essentially I’m saying, the better quality coffee you drink, the better quality human you are.

The little things make a huge difference

I’m not saying go off and buy a house in Fiji if that’s where you’d live in your Good Place.

That’s completely unreasonable, and I’m not responsible for those actions.

But it’s the tiny details of what your Good Place looks like that matters. The smallest of changes will increase the quality of your life little by little.

What I am saying is, don’t wait to start indulging in life

Don’t wait until you’re retired to really indulge in the splendors of life. Treat yourself now, there’s really no need to wait.

You know you can stand to sleep a bit more. Spending your evenings reading a book would make you happier. Traveling more is something you could make more of a priority.

And you can sure as hell spend $2 more on better coffee.

Once you figure out what it is your Good Place looks like, go out and make your real-life a bit more like it.

Add some good to your life now.