Instagram and Facebook are known for many things, bad good stuff. But one thing you have to admit it. These two platforms are giving new influencers, style and fashion Icon from different places of the world.

Rise of the Internet has helped many people to showcase their talents as they can download many apps and show what they can do like Tik Tok and other apps too.

We found one extraordinary talent. Who was ordinary before two years Pappya Gaikwad. But he is now one of the biggest names in Maharashtra it’s like he has the faster rocket in his body and mind which is moving faster than our Chandra yan. Jokes apart he is new hero an influencer for young ones. This lad is a stylish, creative, and very good human being too.

He is attracting billions of user to his profile with his regular posts. It’s like he is running a single race where it is decided that he is the winner of Instagram and Facebook in terms of popularity.

He has kept all the top tags with him like stylish man, then most worthy person to follow, Pappya is one the most creative person and many other labels. If it runs like this, then we will see the award on the name of Pappya Gaikwad in the film industry and social media platforms.

Pappya has top brands with him. Currently, he would be the only guy who has no background of any high field like sports, movies, business and still holding top position in terms of Organic Popularity. Surely he would be taking the right amount from brands after all he is the new king of social media.

Pappya Gaikwad’s accounts come in top accounts in India. Whatever he does is liked by millions and shared by millions. Don’t know what magic he has done on our public.

Surely Pappya Gaikwad has surprised everyone with his stardom. But everyone has taken two years to notice his popularity. Atlist, we took two years to see him. But never too late when you have to write something on a superstar. So we are happy to say that Pappya Gaikwad is the new guy on the floor who is making people crazy with his looks, fashion and most important thing is his work.