A dream could be:

I want to be a better parent,

I want to travel the world,

I want to write a book,

I want to dedicate my life to the spiritual path,

I want to create enough money for myself, so I can have a better house, don’t struggle week to week for money,

I want to create a career around my creative talent,

Or – I want to start a business, this is what is normally what’s talked about on the net, but dreams can be anything, unique to the individual.

My dream at the beginning was that I wanted to leave sex work and make a difference.

I knew my story was different, I had been through multiple things. I believed this could help others, and it does, I do a lot of charity work with sex workers, helping them to leave sex work and live their dream.

We hear a lot about creating a big vision, creating a dream life, when I started my business to help women, to empower them to have sovereignty over their lives, to keep integrity with their own values, and to live and speak their own truth, no matter what.

One thing I have noticed, that has seeped into the soul of my very being, when you’re at the start, you often don’t have very much money to invest, if you don’t come from money, come from wealth and – let’s be honest – don’t come from the middle class.

How much money are you going to have to invest?

What I see is coaching and mentorship only out there to be honest for the middle class. What do you do if you don’t have a decent amount of money in your pocket, where do you go?

For me, I had no money, no spare money to invest on the beginning of my journey. I just decided to start my business and just started it.

I had no idea about business, no idea where to start.

In the start, I watched other people and tried to understand what was going on. I joined some groups and made some big mistakes in the beginning. I trusted a lot, and believed everything I was told as one hundred percent honest, but I’m glad I did so, because I learned what sort of leader I don’t want to be.

I’m very grateful for making those mistakes, I want to make that very clear, if I didn’t make those kinds of mistakes I wouldn’t know what kind of leader I want to be, lots of people just getting lots of fluff and no results.

It doesn’t feel good for me, I’m the type of person who speaks their truth, no matter what/I’m often told I’m quite hard, but I’m not, I’m just truthful, and that’s much more honest than lying to somebody.

So that’s what I’m about, but also about inclusive coaching, why is inclusive coaching not available for everyone, and why is most coaching only available for the middle class, everyone has the right to grow, evolve be the best version of themselves, but doing it on your own is much harder.

For me I listen to hours of video to gain a single nugget of gold from them. There is such a gap in the market, at the bottom end, and that’s why I’ve created my own Sister Circle.

My Sister Circle is to help my clients have a mindset shift from where they are now, and anyone who is a leader knows it’s all about the journey, who we’re becoming, and for me, about the role model I will be for my daughter, so she can create a different life, and not the one I had.

I believe when we have inner bliss, we’re able to shift negative thought to into that inner bliss making the journey much easier.

If you know me on social media I’m very spiritual, and I believe the present moment is where it’s all at, let’s leave our old values behind us and step into the person we want to be, let’s act like that person today in the present moment, let’s not over worry about the future, about what might happen, let’s enjoy the present day for what it is.

Women find it particularly hard to live and speak their truth, without fearing judgment, I am lucky, I was born a rebel and never have fitted into a box but I did fear judgment from places liked that where more professional because most people can’t because it’s outside their perception.

Being that natural rebel, I now perceive that as a gift, I see the blessing of not fitting into a box, because of that I’m prepared to put a service out there and cause a revolution.

I want to change the coaching industry, so that every women on the planet can get coaching who wants it.

True power, women have children, bring up children, when women can live and speak their truth, we are being a role model for our children.

When every women can live and speak the truth, we can change the world. But that’s not available for many women, who are not in the middle class bracket, a lot of women may start living their dream, but give up after three or six months, because they haven’t got the right support, and can’t keep themselves motivated.

I did have days where I would cry after being on social media, but I was able to flip that, come back and keep on going, because I have a dream, and do whatever it takes to reach the destination.

Lots of women give up, not because they are weak, or there’s something wrong with them, but you have to keep showing up, and keep showing up, it doesn’t matter if it’s a business or something else, you have to keep showing up.

It is hard, and if you have no support, no one to hold space for you, who can really hear you and understand you, and understand what’s going on, and the comparisons we often make, even though that woman may be ten years down the road, we are not thinking in a rational manner to put that into perspective.

I’m a very strong willed person, but when I make a decision to do something, I will do it.

I have trained as a professional speaker, and my big dream is to motivate people to live and speak their truth, from all races, all backgrounds, and my big dream create a platform which will help women in multiple areas to create and fulfill their dream, things like spirituality, healing, motivation and mindset.

So all women can be the best version of themselves. You owe it to your daughter, to your daughter’s daughter, and to every daughter in humanity, my mission is to empower women to have sovereignty over their lives and their future, so they can create a better life for themselves and their children.

Sevda Hussein.