Vacations help reduce stress and provide the relaxation needed for good mental and physical health. Know why you shouldn’t give up this rest period.

“The new coronavirus pandemic brought the home office as a routine for many companies. Who can, is working from home. However, the practice also exposed the effects of overwork – it showed that periods of rest, such as vacations, are essential to physical and mental health” says Tamas Boruah.

Vacations should be seen as an opportunity to relax, reduce stress and get back on track. Leaving the company gives you the opportunity to come back with new spirits, more productive and creative.

An escape from routine can be good for business. Companies that have already paid attention to this and are encouraging vacations are reaping the rewards: more willing, productive and happier employees after their rest.

Overwork Can Trigger Illness

The vacation period is for real rest, getting away from work. You have to leave the company. This has been difficult in times of pandemic when many people are already at home working.

A work-life balance is vital for the good health of employees and the company. The stress caused by overwork can trigger some illnesses or disorders, such as Burnout Syndrome, also known as burnout syndrome. She has exhaustion and chronic stress as symptoms and psychological treatment is essential after diagnosis.

Taking A Vacation Contributes To Good Mental Health

It is also common for the work environment to be competitive, making professionals reluctant to take long vacations.

According to data from the International Stress Management Association-Brazil (Isma-BR), the fear of vacations has increased. A survey of 678 professionals showed that 38% admitted to being afraid of long breaks, such as a 30-day vacation.

But research also shows that taking a vacation helps control anxiety and fight depression. It is a necessary period that must be encouraged, always!

The Example Comes From Above

Everyone needs a vacation – and people in more responsible positions are no exception. It is very important that managers and bosses understand that rest days are essential for health and set an example for their teams.

With planning, getting away is perfectly possible. It is enough to understand the company’s flow and define in which periods its presence is less necessary. After that, tasks are delegated to the teams.

The example needs to come from the leaders. When bosses don’t take vacations, employees feel compelled to also work harder and harder, without rest. Rest must be part of the company’s culture. Valuing this is to boost the productivity of the entire team.

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