You never know who's watching. You could be encouraging, inspiring and motivating so many without even knowing.
“You never know who’s watching. You could be encouraging, inspiring, and motivating so many without even knowing.” – J. Dakar

When I think about Father’s Day, I think of my dad, George L. Cheers who was one of the hardest working men in my life next to my brother who is also a father.

My dad was a stickler when it came to working performance! He always told me and my siblings, “You never know who is watching when you work, so always do a good job!”

All of my siblings are very hard workers in anything which we do but in different ways which we got from our dad!

I have heard “We work harder when we know somebody is watching!” This may be true for some but with my dad, his philosophy was quite the opposite, so thanks to our dad we always worked hard even when by ourselves.

You never know who’s watching. You could be encouraging, inspiring, and motivating so many without even knowing.

This is what I learned from my dad’s philosophy about working hard because you never know who is watching. When you work hard, you are working hard on yourself, and when you work hard on yourself and just in case somebody is watching you can make a fortune.

One of the best and biggest investments I have in my life is working hard when I do anything when by myself or when people are around.

I don’t want to turn this into or about me but at the age of 16 my parents allowed me to become a volunteer and this was because I saw how hard my dad worked. This is why I so love volunteering because it allows you to shine and let others see you at your best!

Okay, back to dad! This man, my daddy, worked harder than any person I have ever known in my life besides me and my siblings who put our all into anything we touch and God has a lot to do with this also thanks to our father showing us.

This was one thing about my dad, he didn’t just tell us what we needed to do, he showed us, which is so important for all children to have in their lives as a role model, and it sort of rubs off on you when watching and you take it with you as you grow older!

I know for a fact there were many times my dad would be so tired, but he loved serving others, therefore, he could do it continuously and I am the same way as my dad!

Having a hard-working dad has been a blessing for me and my sibling’s and thank you daddy for showing us instead of telling us what to do! It is because of you that right now, I am the way I am TODAY.

It is because of you that I saw you work so hard for all those many years and then retired and later on got sick, that I want to change that cycle and I want to still work hard, but I want to get myself out of poverty to make a better way for me and my family that you left behind in somewhat the same way, but in a much more rewarding way that I learned from you to be able to provide for them when they need something.

You showed Ricky well to make sure I had what was needed when it came to the home you left behind and I thank you daddy but now, I want to make sure if he needs anything I will be able to provide for him and all of my siblings if and when they need something thanks to you and you were always there when we needed anything.

There was not a day that I can remember that we did not have food to eat. There was not a day that I can ever remember that our lights were ever turned off. There was not ever a time that I can remember that bill collectors were calling our home. We were blessed to have you as our father and mom who blessed us all the days of our lives until your transitioning!

I can ONLY remember seeing a hard-working man for the majority of my childhood, adolescence, and adult life. It is because of my dad that I am a hard worker right now today on this Father’s Day 21, 2020.

Daddy, we thank you for all you did for us, and please kiss mom for all of us! We love you and will always carry your hard-working spirit with us for the rest of our day’s thanks to you! Now, we know you are resting in peace, and God had it all laid out for you, and we will see you again one day!

So in closing, God has you now and I know you are in good hands but on this Father’s Day 2020, we celebrate your hardworking spirit which we inherited from one of the best dads in the world!

God blessed me to be the chosen one to be with you on that day when you took your last breath and I thank Him so much! On that day of your transitioning, I felt angels on my shoulders lifting me up telling me job well done, and now is your time to soar!

Thank you, daddy, for every single thing you instilled into all of us when it comes to working hard always because you never know who is watching philosophy!


  • Valerie Cheers Brown

    Author, research writer, contributor writer, & children advocate/posture, & volunteer

    I am a proud mother, grandmother, published author, Advocate for The Children's Health Defense (child advocate),  well-being & health awareness, Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack inventor &  God introduced me to alkaline water in 2010 while I changed my water & changed life in 2010, no longer needing prescription drugs, only God's healing foods, plants, & trees instead prescription drugs. 17 published research papers at in over 3000 published books, famous authors, and cited in research journals all over the world,  few of my papers have been mentioned over 900 times from all over the world by famous authors, research papers authors of,  My passion is writing ages 0-100 inspirational stories, researching finding out truths, and advocating for them to be heard. I am also a contributing writer for both Thrive Global and Sivana East!  I am an inventor of a first of its kind product, The Swedish Posture Vertical Backpack,  in the world which is presently being sold all over the world with over 200 investors, partnering with us so can be purchased in the USA which is the 1st of a kind backpack addressing posture health awareness and when the good posture, good well being.  I have written hundreds of blogs published on how to improve the health & wellbeing for both children & adults.  I share my story of how I got myself off of disability and out of poverty to not having to worry ever again how or when I can travel around the world meeting my new friends & business colleagues!  I am working effortlessly using my God-given purpose of serving others, giving my work away to the universe,  waiting to see where God & my hard work takes me.  I love writing & researching and have written hundreds of motivational & inspirational stories & blogs.  I have hundreds of short stories that will be turned into a series of books one day!