I had a call today with a longtime friend and client. It was a Zoom call, and I was looking forward to catching up and checking in. He sounded a little nervous and hesitant at the beginning of our call, not his normal self. I asked him what was going on, I wanted to make sure everything was ok. He paused for a moment, and told me he had been diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. He hadn’t told anyone else, and was very much looking for an outlet to converse on his new reality.

When I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, I received an overwhelming and humbling amount of support. It was beyond appreciated and inspired me to fight like a Warrior! One issue that I faced, was when those that cared so much about me spoke to me like a cancer patient, it used to infuriate me. I am ME. This is my journey, cancer is just along for the ride! I own my life, my love and my time! Cancer will never be who I am or what I am remembered for. I define myself!

I told my friend today I will always treat him as him. Cancer will never dictate the way he is perceived to me. Sharing kindness and gratitude is selfless. It often does more for others than we will ever realize. It connects us in a way words can’t explain; it institutes love and appreciation; it’s real and it’s pure. I showered him with kindness and gratitude, as I remember how much those two emotional actions meant to me when I was fighting an uphill battle.

Everyday I receive messages from people all over the world who want to connect with others that have taken on similar journeys with cancer as they look for support and motivation. We are a family of Warriors, and family is there when they are needed the most. It’s an honor and a privilege to be present and prevalent in our community; a community that has the heart of a lion and the fight of a warrior! Today was different, it was a friend whom I have a business and personal relationship with. We obviously connected years ago for a reason, and now that makes complete sense. 

Who can you share kindness with today in a selfless manor? They may need it more than you realize!