There was one time that a prominent political leader in my country crumbled on the podium when addressing a political gathering. Panic reigned supreme throughout the country. There were all sorts of conspiracy stories that it could be that he had been poisoned or that he was sickly but hiding it. Later on, when he was rushed to his private doctor, the medic said that the guy was just tired. He needed rest.

Yes, just rest.

Arianna Huffington in her spell-binding book titled The Sleep Revolution goes on to show how by denying yourself good sleep, you are affecting your productivity, health and decision making process. Despite her quest for success, she says that sleep is the only way out when you need to make headway in your life.

Unknown to many, sleep is the number one stress reliever. Anytime you are battling with mental problems, doctors will probably recommend a whole week or month of bed rest. Not that they do no not know of any other medication that could help you. But come on, you mind needs to rest so as to work at optimal levels. Popping pills and going for curative medicine is not always the answer. When fatigue strikes, the best way to cure yourself of it is by sleeping.


Before you go to bed, meditate on how the day is. Think of the successes as well as the failures you have had for the day. Think of how to improve your life. You also need to pat yourself on the back for a day well lived.

Ditch technology in the bedroom

One thing that is preventing a good night sleep from most people is that hey are carrying their technological baggage to bed. People want to chat and do all sorts of things even at night. They want to scroll through social media and this in itself is already stressing. Blue light from smart phones, tablets, laptops screens have been said to be bad for the eye.

Get the most comfy paraphernalia for your bedroom

If you want to get some good rest, get the right equipment for that. If it is a good mattress so as to sleep well, get it. You deserve the best rest after a long day of work, don’t you? Why not invest in great paraphernalia that will afford you exactly that. I have found these nice Zirbenholzkissen swiss pillows that will allow your neck and back to get the best rest. They have this therapeutic and amazing fragrance that slowly pulls you to sleep.

Have a routine before bed

You need to get a bed routine that will you be doing just before dozing off. This allows your body to anticipate sleep and to fall into slumberland. Say that you will be exercising, reading a book or just some yoga meditation before sleep can take you away. Get into this habit and you will enjoy it so much. Your body also gets accustomed to this routine so that when you start doing these routinely tasks, your body starts getting ready to zone out for a good night rest.