When lost and unable to move,

you came and rubbed my shoulders

till my judgment of myself dispersed.

When too heavy with grief to fold the

laundry, you said, “Forget the dryer”

and hung the clothes on the line and

we watched the shirts and sheets

billow in the wind.

When ready to give up, you bought

me a small drum whose deep red tone

helped me re-hear the center of things.

Now you are broken and sad and I am

busy finding things for you because you

taught me that it’s the giving back and

forth that saves us.

Like mouth to mouth resuscitation,

we pass the breath of life from the

one who is lit to the one who is not.

A Question to Walk With: Describe a time when someone was there for you unconditionally and how that helped you find your way. Even if they already know, tell this person what they mean to you.

This excerpt is from my book of poems in progress, The Gods Visit.

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