You’ve heard of entrepreneurs before, right? Entrepreneurs are people who take huge financial risks in order to turn their great ideas into profitable business ventures. The average entrepreneur concerns themselves with their target audience and marketplace. If they cannot make a financial profit from their business, then they fail in their endeavors.

Some people might describe Hassan Mahmoud as a successful entrepreneur because of the popular Forex educational program that he founded. But Hassan describes himself as an “omnipreneur” rather than an entrepreneur. An omnipreneur is somebody who applies an entrepreneurial mindset and extreme focus and attentiveness to everything in their life, not just in business or finances. They want to help their family, community, and their own spirituality and health.

Omnipreneurship is more about giving than it is about receiving. That doesn’t mean entrepreneurs don’t give something to their customers, such as a good product or service. But what makes omnipreneurship different is that it empowers people to achieve their goals and enhances the quality of life for everybody in their environment. A simple entrepreneur who is only concerned about their business succeeding cannot be described in this way.

As an omnipreneur, Hassan empowers other people to succeed in the Forex Exchange Market (aka Forex). He has developed a unique technique for conducting successful Forex trades using A.I software. Due to his own success, he is paying it forward by helping other Forex traders overcome the common trading mistakes which are often made.

Hassan offers his students a comprehensive “financial transformation membership” where they can literally transform their financial lives for the better. This isn’t one of those get rich quick schemes which cost tens of thousands of dollars. These schemes are the reason why Forex gets such a bad rap. Because of this, Hassan wanted to change the perception of Forex trading for the better.

His training program, CEED, does more than just supply students with A.I. software and educational tutorials. It actually lets students learn from financial experts who’ve already taken risks in their own lives and found success as a result. These experts assist students in developing personalized strategies and financial goals for themselves that are realistic and achievable.

Hassan credits his omnipreneurial mindset for inspiring others to give Forex a second chance. There is so much profit potential in this marketplace, and he doesn’t want the stigma surrounding the currency exchange to keep people away from it. Forex only has a bad reputation because of bad teachers and poor trading strategies.  After all, the same kind of things exists with the stock market.

Since Forex is more unknown, people tend to get scared of it. But there is nothing to fear once you receive the right education and guidance from industry experts. CEED gives you an online community where both coaches and students come together and discuss their trading ideas and strategies. Students are never alone in their training.

Hassan hopes to transform as many people’s financial lives as possible. In recent years, Hassan has traveled the world, giving lectures about Forex and how artificial intelligence is the key to overcoming emotional trading practices which cause people to fail. He is currently looking to promote himself further as a social media influencer to reach people and communities from all walks of life and help them achieve their goals too.  You can connect with Hassan and follow him on his mission at


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