Today, the young generation is severely undergoing a tough ordeal when it comes to career, settling in life and so on. But, I opine that youngsters are primarily responsible for such a situation themselves. Now a days, it is quite difficult for the parents to always monitor the children, they work hard to earn money in order to fulfill all the lofty dreams of their children. Notwithstanding, youngsters then go to colleges and some go in expensive cities to prepare for entrances, and, sometimes, they take many years to do so. As a result, parents keep spending money on their children in some way or the other. However, young people mostly remain oblivious of their hard work which parents do for them. And that being considered, some young people with a lack of proper guidance keep working hard but get no output, while some deviate from their goals by being dazzled by other worldly things.

I often see that young people spend hefty amount of money in doing preparation of various exams, but ultimately are met with disappointment because lack of proper awareness and proper know-how of how to go about it. They then curse their fate, which is erroneous. I believe that all youngsters have different abilities to do any work, all they want is sincere guidance and the need to put hard work in accomplishing their goal. In addition, whenever they realise that they have done intense hard work but didn’t get their result owing to lack of proper guidance,  by that time they are already under huge pressure and frustration which in turn creates myriad problems for them.

Here, all I’m doing is urging every young person that parents can only spend money, it is your sole responsibility that whenever you are taking any step, contemplate first, and take proper guidance from someone with experience, as it may save you from facing any kind of problem. It is noteworthy that guidance plays an indispensable role in every youngster’s life, in various phases of life, whether it comes to opting a course in college or before doing any job. Therefore, at the very first, take guidance and then work hard for it.