In Feng Shui, Qi Lin symbolizes long Duality Review life, celebration, magnificence, joy, wisdom, and famous children. It is a gentle, kind, and benevolent creature. It carries a mystical good omen. This feng shui talisman is believed to help facilitate the success of children. Chi Lin’s images or statues can help women who wish to have a child. The main function of this talisman in feng shui is the elimination of negativity, and to attract wealth.

If you want to place this talisman in your home, remember that this charm should face toward the exit. You don’t need to activate it; however, it “likes” to listen to folk songs and fairy tales, and this is supposed to make it work harder for its owners.People have trouble convincing themselves that the connection to God and Spirit is so simple. To us, from the side of God, it is as plain as the nose on your face.

The top of your nose is a bridge. In a sense, you could say it is the connection between your two eyes. If you had no mirror to look in, would you deny that your eyes were there? Why do we ask this of you? It is to make you realize that one eye cannot see the other, yet you all still know and believe that they are there. The same confidence should be given to your thoughts about God and Spirit.

Our words to you should be the bridge you need to feel more confident in yourself. All of you, collectively and individually, make up the uniqueness of the world around you. Perhaps, there will be days when you do not feel protected, or you simply feel isolated and alone. These are the times when we, Spirit, want you to remember the bridge. At times, it is not what your eyes can see on the outside, but what you allow yourself to see on the inside. This is where you have the power to change the things you see that you do not like. God and Spirit have endowed you with a choice; you can select to be happy by enacting the steps necessary to make the changes, or you can continue to wallow in the patterns that have made you feel ill at ease.