Job searching is something we all inevitably have to go through. And whilst it’s easier for some, the entire prospect can be very daunting, particularly if you are not prepared. Throw in a global pandemic and an unprecedented amount of job shortages, the competition is about to get tougher. It doesn’t have to be this way however. Majority of people believe landing any job is what matters, and to do so simply requires handing in a resume and acing an interview.  But this simply isn’t true. Landing any job, especially your dream job, requires having a strategy in place. A strategy to not only portray yourself in the best light, but shine brighter than the other applicants.  I sat down with Melissa Carvalho, recently named one of Yahoo Finance’s Top 10 Career Coaches, to understand the importance of career coaching and how a successful career depends on having a strategy in place. 

Q. So Melissa, tell our readers a little about your background.

Melissa: I am a former HR Professional and Recruiter with over 7 years of experience. Through my work with top fortune 500 companies and various start-ups, I very quickly learned exactly what gets a candidate to the ‘YES’ pile. The one thing that always bothered me was that I was never allowed to state why an applicant didn’t get the job and give the standard, ‘we’ve moved forward with another qualified applicant’ response. Having to do this over and over allowed me to see that there was an opportunity to help in an online space, because as a recruiter you can’t really coach applicants on how they could’ve gotten the job.  

Q. And is this what you now do?

Melissa: Yes, so I coach job seekers from all levels, but I excel at working with mid-level to senior-level professionals. I provide them with strategy and guidance to help them conquer their job searching efforts. What started as a side-hustle quickly snowballed, and in the last 3 years I have helped hundreds of job seekers land their dream roles, fix their job marketing materials and so much more.

Q. Can you tell us a little more about how your help them land their dream roles?

Melissa: I provide them with transformation. I don’t normally like to say transformation but there is no other term to describe it! I provide services where you can see and feel the difference within yourself. Weather it’s through resume reconstructions, LinkedIn optimizations, group coaching and my signature 1:1 coaching program, all provide a customized level of support each client needs, and working with them on these things helps them to become ready to conquer their job search.

Q. Is there anything else you like to work on with your clients?

Melissa: I always like to teach my clients the importance of their professional brand and reputation. I get them to step out of their comfort zones, so they can become confident in any situation. I also really believe in the power of networking and strategy. Easy ways to be strategic and using specific tools help stand above the competition are elements I share with my clients. Within weeks, they are receiving responses, attending interviews, and landing offers. 

Q. Tell us a little bit more about your coaching services. How has your coaching process given you recognition as of the best career coaches out there?

Melissa: You flatter me! Well I think the thing that sets me apart is that my coaching process is extremely close-knit.  I make sure to give every client so much care and additional job searching resources throughout the process. For example, if I’m hired to write a resume, I don’t just write it and say goodbye, rather I take my client through a process where they can understand what I have done and get a feel for what they need to do next. My coaching services are unique because I never leave someone without the proper guidance to move forward within their job search, and because of this all my clients come running back for more! My services provide not what is wanted, but what is NEEDED for an individual’s success, and that’s why my clients are able to land job offers within 3 months.

Q. Now you mentioned a 1:1 coaching program earlier, tell our readers more about that.

Melissa: All my mid to senior level clients receive complete transformation from my signature coaching program, Hired Like a Boss – 1:1 Career Coaching. This program is where clients gain career clarity, networking strategies and learn how to negotiate their job offers to get paid what they deserve. 

Q. And why do you focus on mid to senior level professionals?

Melissa: As much as I love working with entry-level and college graduates, I excel working with mid to senior-level professionals because I can relate to them the most, working in mid-level role trying to achieve something better, and trying everything under the sun to make it happen! As a whole finding your next job opportunity is about strategy, but there’s something so exciting about the type of strategy a mid-level or senior-level professional actually needs!

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Melissa: There is so much opportunity out there for everyone. You just don’t see it because these roles are waiting to get created for you, and I make sure to teach my clients this, to never think that their dream role is not there for them. And you need to start believing that too.

If you’d like to learn more from Melissa, sign-up to her free live online training here.