No one is perfect. So, I’m not hard on myself about specific things but importantly just having an overall grasp and balance that finally seems to work for me. My name is Chris Bianchi. I’m a music and marketing consultant from Cleveland, Ohio.

Recently turning 32 years old, I’ve always been the guy who stayed up late and slept in when possible. Still, who’ll be first to admit that I love late nights and sleeping in, however, I’ve found a way that fits my routine to do so as a happy medium for both my personal and career life.

Mornings are a crucial time for everyone. Waking up you want to feel clear and refreshed. I took a poll some time back and found that almost everyone checks their phones as soon as they wake up. While this could be harmless to some, to most it’s an immediate spike in stress. From someone’s post or comment that gets you going, or opening a work email that might just set off your mood. I have found that waking up, having a cup of coffee before digging into the day or social media helps me feel so much better mentally to start my day.

Afternoons are when I really feel most alert, productive, and ready to engage. I try to set my meetings at this time, schedule marketing needs, important content, or draft up fresh ideas while things are in this zone of my routine. When the weather is nice, I’ll set aside a few minutes during the afternoon to spend outside and catch some fresh air. Even if not a walk just some sort of activity to refresh and gather sunlight which again, even in short bursts feels great.

Evenings I like to spend time with family for dinner, in the nice weather cooking out and more outdoor time. Hitting the gym or if things work out, going for a bike ride is how I love to finish the day. There is something so peaceful and calming to hop on a bike and take a long cruise while thinking about the day, life, the week, or whatever it might be on your mind.

Nights are spent playing with my son, with my wife, watching movies or catching up on talk of everyone’s days, achievements, faults, what we want to work on for the upcoming future and most importantly just love and support. Bathtime and some quiet time before wrapping it up.

I usually end each evening listening to a podcast. The topics are huge varied things from Joe Rogan to TED Talks to UFO sightings. This helps take my mind off the stress of the day, work, and anything else to sort of slide my mindset into a full comfort mode.

I’m curious to hear more about your daily routine, how it works for you, and if you are more strict on things or lenient? Thanks for reading.