Social networking is a great resource that you can use during your job search, to stay in touch with important contacts, and so much more. Employers nowadays utilize a wide range of criteria to obtain the right workers for their businesses, including checking into applicants’ social media platforms. LinkedIn is one of the best professional and social networking platforms that you should explore. Here are some tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile shine.

Have a Great Profile Picture

When creating your LinkedIn profile, you should endeavor to include an appropriate image that is clear and highly professional. The picture should be of passport size and should be taken with an official outfit. This ensures that individuals who view your profile can have an enhanced understanding of who you are.

Utilize the Summary Space Well

LinkedIn does allow you to create a summarized text that describes yourself and your ambitions. You should utilize this space well and write about 3-5 short paragraphs detailing your passions, the key skills you possess, your unique qualifications from a professional standpoint, as well as your professional ambitions. This may directly influence an aspiring employer.

Show What You Have Achieved

You should also spend some time creating a comprehensive description of your experience. The crucial details that you should add in your profile include your educational background in terms of where you went to school and when, your skills and endorsements in terms of what you have previously done in line with your professional development, as well as your previous accomplishments and interests. LinkedIn uses your profile details to recommend you to employers looking for particular skills and competencies.

Treat it Like Your CV

Your LinkedIn profile should be treated as an electronic version of your CV. Firstly, it should be updated at all times as you never know who will be viewing it and when. Any slight changes in your professional profile should be updated on your profile, including when you get a new job or when you are unemployed. Lastly, your profile should be appealing to look at. Some of the great additions that you may use to spruce up your profile include creating a custom URL for your profile, preferably composed of your official names in the format

Creating a good LinkedIn profile is the digital equivalent of putting your best foot forward.

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