Are great leaders born, or are they created over time? This long-debated question has many valid points on both sides. What’s more important, however, is a leader that is open to continuing to develop their leadership skills, no matter how they got them. 


A disciplined leader is an effective leader. If you’re in a position of leadership, try to apply specific disciplines to your personal life and watch as they spill over into your work life. Those who are under your charge will take you more seriously as a leader if they see you exhibiting discipline. In your personal life, build a habit of getting up early to work out or do some other needed tasks and see how quickly you’re hitting every deadline at work. Discipline breeds discipline.

 Value Your Employees

To some, this may sound entirely too simplistic. Many people, however, have worked with a demanding boss who didn’t support them. These types of leaders are ones that don’t support their employees and may even make it almost impossible to be productive in the workplace. Take steps to ensure that you’re not one of those bosses. Make your employees feel valued, trusted, and important. 

Make sure that you take some steps  to avoid damaging the morale of those you’re leading.

Take On More Responsibility

By no means am I suggesting that you take on more than you’re able to handle, but great leaders consistently do more than the bare minimum to get by. It’s not about puffing up your accomplishments, but people around you will view you as more of a leader if they see you stepping up and doing what needs to be done even if it falls outside of your expected job description. Don’t be afraid to say “yes.”

Lead From the Behind

Great leaders aren’t afraid to follow sometimes. As a great leader, sometimes you have to look at a project and realize that you’re not the best person to lead the charge. That doesn’t mean that you have to walk away from the project! The exact opposite is true; you can take part in some projects even if you’re not the one leading. People will be more apt to follow you later if they see that you’re willing to follow.

Great leaders may be born, or they may be created, but either way, the best leaders are purposeful about improving their leadership skills.

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