Some of us are facing smoke and fires, some of us are facing hurricanes, some of us are facing unseasonal snow. Each of us are experiencing different aspects of this pandemic. 

Many of us are tired of it all. 

12 years ago, I was in a grief healing group after my mom had passed away. Our grief was always honored, individually and collectively. One aspect that I thought was so interesting was that the leaders would share how helpful this group setting was for our perspective. They actively pointed out how we could always realize, as sad as we were about our own situation, we would never want to trade places with another. This group setting helped us to appreciate our own grief situation.

We all know we can’t trade situations, even though social media makes it very tempting to compare and desire another’s situation. But guess what?

You wouldn’t want to trade either. 

As awful as your situation may feel right now, you were prepared to handle your current situation.

Challenges in your past have strengthened you mentally, spiritually, and physically for your current ordeal. Each of us, in all that we are going though, have been specifically prepared with the mindset, community and experience to survive, and even thrive, through our current challenge. If you are finding that you are having an even more difficult time right not, it might be that you are being strengthened through it.

We are always in the right place, at the right time, 100% of the time. If something has happened in your life that is less than desirable, swap your lens on that situation and see how you are being strengthened and prepared by it. This lens swap shifts us from worry to acknowledgement, from panic to preparation. 

We all experience situations that are difficult. It is these very situations that bring us closer to our true selves and to our connection to the Divine. They serve a powerful purpose and are key components on our journey back to ourselves.

Join me today for your meditation, Your heart is ready for this, to see how you are being prepared and what you are being prepared for right now. 

I can’t wait to hear about what you see in meditation
Much love,