If you’re recently divorced, Independence Day may take on an additional meaning, particularly if it was a contentious process. You may feel as if you’ve just won your own freedom. But that doesn’t mean the battles you’ve fought haven’t taken their toll or that you aren’t still healing. But to truly be free and ready to start over, you have to be healthy both mentally and physically. Here’s how.

  1. Eat Right – It seems entirely possible that ‘comfort food’ was created by someone going through a divorce. It’s easy, it’s yummy and it gives you some happiness in a miserable time. But long-term, it can make you feel worse. Indulge every now and then (we all do), but maintaining a healthy diet overall will keep you healthy, energized and ready for your next chapter.
  2. Exercise More – Nothing like a kickboxing class with your ex’s face on the bag (imaginary, of course) to work out some of your stress! Seriously though, staying active has a host of health benefits, it can also help you to sleep better and give you a new goal to focus on; or a welcome distraction at the very least.
  3. Make Mindset a Priority – Staying positive is important, but we know it’s easier said than done. You’re going through a major life change and likely one you never imagined happening when you and your ex first fell in love. So, while it’s easy to get down, just don’t stay there. Practicing meditation and mindfulness are great ways to actively achieve balance as well as to help you learn how to live more in the present.
  4. Lean on Your Support Network – Many people feel ashamed about getting divorce – like they’ve somehow failed – and often pull away from friends and family rather than leaning on them. Don’t do that to yourself! Not only is it unwarranted, it can make a tough time even harder. Keep them near, talk to them and then pay it forward down the line when they need support. 
  5. Get Back to a Routine – One of the few things certain about divorce is that it’s a time of uncertainty. You may have felt like you never knew what was coming at you next. But now, as you begin to look forward, it’s up to you to take control again. Routine is often comforting and with your new independence can be empowering. But beyond setting the routine for daily responsibilities, make sure to leave room for fun too even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

BONUS TIP: Celebrate

As you’re celebrating the 4th of July this year, celebrate yourself as well – your strength, the highs (and the lows) of your journey throughout the divorce process, that the future is on your own terms and that you’re going to rock it. Consider it your own declaration of independence! 

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