When we talk about the Mind, most of the time we don’t even know the extent of what the Mind means.

There is no way we can make good decisions if our mind is cluttered. Nor can we stay healthy and strong amongst feelings of self-doubt and anxiety. Even if we eat all the kale in the world, the deeper source of true health and happiness is within.  Our mind is the biggest part of ourselves, yet we can not see it.   Still, everyone knows it is there, right?

Our mind is divided in two parts and both parts are equally important. We have a Conscience mind which is the mind that thinks thoughts.

The mind that can lie or cheat, the mind that believes things or chooses not believe them. The mind that likes things or doesn’t like things. It is also the mind that strategically manipulates. It’s the mind that reacts when it gets triggered.

Our sub-conscience mind is our spiritual mind. This is the mind that has no filter; it takes everything in as it is right now as you see it.

Every thought the conscience mind has, good or bad, about ourselves or others, every judgement, every criticism, every doubt about our capacities, when we play the victim or when we feel sad and depressed. The sub-conscience mind perceives it as your truth.

Our sub-conscience mind translates emotions. If we have negative thinking and we get really involved and invested in sticking with that kind of thinking, your sub-conscience mind will create more of it. And the other way around, if you find the positives in negative situations your sub-conscience mind will understand everything is good and will create more of the same.

It’s that simple….I know it is not easy but it is simple. Your thoughts create your life either way. Your choice is in what you want to make it be.