I have this friend who is continually saying that his network determines his networth. And so he is continually rolling out with the big wigs in our area as well as trying to make as many connections online as possible. And truly, these exercises have not been in utter futility. The guy is gaining ground and conducting activities that I would only dream of. But why? Because he has decided that he is no chicken and therefore will roll out with eagles who are soaring high and making it big.

It is also said that when you hang out with 9 millionaires, you might as well be the next millionaire in the near future because they are going to show you how to fish and things will be easy for you. So one thing that I have learned from all these is that; I need to position myself in the path of success and prosperity. But that is not all the time easy. Especially for someone who works online and never meet their client or their prospective leads. And number two, I am the most shy and introverted person that you will ever meet. So going out for networking meetings and getting to share my business cards as I tell people what I do and how my content writing might help grow their businesses is not my thing. I have to rely on other tools or even people to do it for me.

When it comes to people doing it for you, it is good because it brings in the aspect of social proof and reliability. Everyone wants to have their content written by reputable people who have been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be impeccable writers who will deliver on time and with no grammatical mistakes. But relying on people to do this is never that easy. It is hard to get someone to review your services or even leave a review on your writing site. They will tell you that they like the content but never say anything more. So it gets hard to use that as reliable testimonials.

But what if someone today told you that there is a tool called linkedselling that is going to do the hard marketing tasks for you so that you can rest easy and work on delivering pure gold to your clients? Wouldn’t you be elated about this? Wouldn’t you embrace it and go ahead to use it while leveraging all its features so that you can get the highest returns possible. How the tool works is that it sets up campaigns and cold pitches prospective clients via email and Linkedin so that these prospectives after being courted and convinced for sometimes, they will feel that they really need your services and so they will finally end up buying your services as well as starting some business relations with you.