Are You Ready To Get In The Game For REAL? Life Is A Game Of Consciousness, And So Is YOUR Artist Career.

Geo Slam Is An International Multi-Platinum Certified Music Producer And Songwriter.

After 10 years on the Top Level in the Music Industry in Hollywood,

Being involved in the Productions of Albums & Singles that cumulatively have sold over 50 Million Copies World-Wide

AND being around the biggest Music Stars on the Planet on a daily basis,

He has seen, Experienced, and been able to Structure, Analyze and Systematize,

what makes the Elite Music Artists in the World able to perform at their best even under Extreme Pressure, Stress, and sometimes Inhuman Circumstances!

Seeing Music Artists, Actors, Leaders, and High Achievers build their careers and execute from their Core Values, Core Messages, and Core Missions were fascinating to me and made me see and realize the true secret to their World Domination Results and Achievements, says Geo Slam.

Emotional Mastery, Spirituality, and Peak Performance combined give you the advantage to execute from a whole New Level, and your capabilities and Inner Recourses are operating from a new “State of Being.”

Next Level Thinking, Next Level Results, Leads to the Next Level of Success.

Besides his career in Music, Geo Slam is a Certified Professional NLP & Timeline Coach.

He is Certified by The Association for Professional Coaching, In association with European Community for NLP and the International NLP Federation.

Specialized in Timeline, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Mastery and Elite Peak Performance Success Coaching.

Geo Slam states that his interest in combining his Music Career with Elite Level Success Coaching started when he attended- Tony Robbins Elite VIP Coaching Program.

  • The same VERSION of yourself generates the same RESULTS for yourself.

This is why so many Music Artists are stuck…

Their “Reality” is a feedback loop.

Analyze what’s not working and in what areas in your life these obstacles prevent you from moving forward or growing into the “Real” you.

THEN, you need to attack these obstacles and hinders strategically, one by one.

It’s not an overnight process. It’s like life in general.

Long-lasting results require methodical planning and structure to maintain the right direction (And add a significant portion of “Patience” into that as well).

Most Artists are “Trapped” internally while Performing an External Career because they don’t realize that it’s all about Mindset, Energy, and Emotional Mastery.

Practicing the Art of “Letting Go” is an important Key in this Process too.

When you subtract all that’s “Not” working, “the things that actually “Do Work” get more Energy and Momentum naturally.

It’s like if you try holding a cork under the water, once you “Let Go” of it, it floats naturally to the surface without you doing anything.

A lot of times, a lot of ”Inner Crap” flouts up with “Your Cork,” too, but that’s necessary to be able to deal with it and “Clean Up” your inside and building yourself up from a Clean Slate.

We need more Mindfulness and Spirituality in the Music Industry.

Then I think we would see less of tragic burnouts and Artists suffering from Mental Health related problems.

Many Music Artists get caught up in this sea of meaningless information and think they need to be grinding and struggling to reach their goals.

Working hard or sacrifice is not wording Elite Level Music Artists who “LIVE” Their Passion” uses that often.

Music Artists can “Quantum Leap” their Careers if they build their careers and execute from their Core Values, Core Messages, and Core Missions.

Again, Next Level Thinking And Next Level Results, Leads to the Next Level of Success.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

DO you feel you are being called to live your life to its fullest potential?

DO you really want to “Unlock the level of Personal Success that you deserve?


ARE you ready for it?

If you have 3 “Yes.”


 LET’S GO!!!

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