The 3 Part Framework to Change Your Relationship with Stress, Yourself & Your Ability to Thrive.

I get stress, overwhelm and disconnect at their core. I lived and breathed perfectionism in the fast lane and it nearly killed me. My journey from a dismantled version of myself and back again not only taught me about who I was, but it opened me up to a kind of gentle awareness about my space in this world, how I embraced it and how I needed to ensure that guarding the safety and nourishment this space offered, was a non-negotiable in my life moving forward.

Today, as a coach specializing in mindset for high-achieving women entrepreneurs, I believe at the root of any successful business is strength, perseverance, resilience and will.

These are powerful forces and while they are instrumental in creating passion driven businesses, they don’t come without self-sacrificing costs.

It’s from this very space I’ve developed a profound and fundamental belief that supporting our minds and our bodies is an absolutely essential part of any success equation. I believe in a framework. It’s the same set of strategies and tools I developed to reignite and redefine myself during my own darkest hours and the beginning of my journey back towards light.

Mindset, Natural Wellness and Stress Management. 
When seamlessly integrated these key components of whole person wellness create a framework for each one of us to define our own unique versions of balance.

What does your inner dialogue look like, how do you perceive yourself, the world around you and the people in it? What do you do on a daily basis to slip into those all important self-love and care modes, tune into your deepest needs and reconnect with number one?

Natural Wellness.
Nourishment and movement we truly enjoy. Creating a space for wellness that supports our bodies and minds in a way that keeps our cognitive function sharp and our ability to fully show up physically for the important work we do with vigor and consistency.

Stress Management.
We aren’t designed to constantly deal with the burden stress places on us. Mentally and physically this taxes, drains and depletes our ability to keep up with the demands we place on our bodies. Stress, like any other aspect of wellness is personal. Learning to understand our stress, triggers and the methods we cope with it best, is essential at keeping its effects manageable.

When approached in a whole person light this framework is all encompassing. It doesn’t leave space for neglect or unintentional imbalance. It recognizes, that in life and in business we go through intentional periods of imbalance. Because that’s real, it’s authentic and it’s human.

This framework provides us the opportunity for self-awareness, to step back from the overwhelm and make an informed decision of exactly which components we need to draw our attention towards here, today and in present moment.

It’s not a quick fix to happiness or abundance. It’s based on a deep and genuine connection to self that allows us to tap into how we need to best support ourselves. It’s an empowered outlook, where you’re in the driver’s seat. Where you’re creating your very own unique path to thrive and because you’ve created that path, you’ve learned and integrated along the way. This is your life and you’ve developed a sustainable connection to all the pieces of it. And why? Because you’ve authentically created it!

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