It’s good to enjoy your home, but you don’t need to do add-ons or anything major to increase the use of your entire home. Your yard, like your home, should be a place you can retreat. Consider these steps for your backyard.

1. Clean Up Your Yard

You’ll need to get rid of things in the yard if it’s overgrown, full of rocks or if it has become a storage area for everything. Clear away any rubbish that may have blown into your yard. Trim back overgrown bushes. Be careful if you think of doing this when it heats up because you could introduce disease to your vegetation. Trimming back your yard will help to reveal a cleaner ground. Pull out weeds where you need to. It’s not necessary to uproot every plant and tree you have for your backyard. You can always work with what’s there already.

2. Consider What You Normally Like to Do

This is a big one to think about. Don’t consider whether your best friend likes swimming and maybe you should try it out. You want to go with what you’re certain about. There are numerous things you can use your yard for: an outdoor bedroom, an outdoor movie theater, outdoor kitchen, a dance area, a place to have afternoon tea in a gazebo and more. If you want to do many different things in your yard, that’s okay too. Deciding on these things will help you decide on what goes in your yard. For example, you might want to swing on a hammock in the shade while you read a book. You might want to set up a screen, couch and a projector in another area of your yard to watch movies with the kids. Be sure to make little fairy lights around your movie area to provide soft, magical lighting.

3. Plan Your Landscape

By this step, you should know how you want to enjoy your backyard. For this step, you’re going to create the greenery you’d like to see in your yard. When you plan your landscape, you’re going to think of what brings you happiness. There are a lot of trees, shrubs and plants to choose from. You also need to consider whether you like attending to your yard or whether you want as little maintenance required. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time working in your yard, you should go for drought-resistant plants and trees that won’t require a lot of watering. You can skip having grass and have artificial grass, a deck or a cobblestone pathway. If you love working in your yard, go all out with the trees, shrubs and plants you love. You can always use planters and hanging pots too. This would be a good time to think about calling a professional pest control company in Sacramento, or in another developed city near you. You don’t necessarily want to hang out in your yard with carpenter ants, yellow jackets, cockroaches and other pests that are common to Sacramento.

4. Engage the Senses

Along with viewing and smelling your plants and trees, you are going to incorporate other things in your backyard to help soothe the senses. Water is one of the best things you can add to your yard. You don’t have to create meandering streams or an elegant waterfall. Although, those are enjoyable. You can always have a few fountains added to your yard. Get a simple birdbath. Adding water to your yard produces sound and a cooling effect. Hearing water trickle and splash will help to create a peaceful environment. Create in your yard with a towering tree, a pergola with climbing vines, large umbrellas and other methods for creating shade. This will help to cool both your backyard and home. It will also help to create comfort.

With all of these steps, you will have indirectly have made suitable privacy in your yard. If you need more, you can always add walls, use canvas to cover a certain area or plant another tree in your yard. The most important thing about your backyard at this point is to take time to enjoy it.