Listen up, Lady Queen: I’ve got a sentence that is going to rock your world: The most ladylike part of you is your body. Your body is your woman – and this goes for everyone, regardless of what gender you were assigned at birth. Your body is like your own Mother Earth, always honest and grounded. How fabulous a gift to have this with us at all times!

We’ve said in other posts that one of your feminine superpowers is intuition – so let’s dive a bit deeper into this superpower. If your glorious body is your own personal Mamma Earth, then logically, the cleaner your body is, the better it feels. 

Your body is always honest with you. Having worked on tens of thousands of people, my experience has been that the way you treat your body reflects how you treat your feminine and the women in your life. 

As long as you treat your body well, she will always tell you the truth. And the louder that truth shines through (this truth is intuition, by the way), the easier it is to respond to. You can hear your body better by caring for her. 

So, what does ‘intuition’ mean? The word comes from the Latin verb intueri, which translates as ‘to contemplate’ or ‘to look inside’. 

When you use your body as your compass, intuition happens. In order to receive the clearest signals, it’s vital to cleanse and maintain your body. You need to clean house before you can ‘look in’. 

In terms of intuition, a body as clean as a whistle is as clear as a bell. Cleansing heightens your senses – which I’m sure you already knew. By taking your body to the next level and hearing her better, you can move into even higher levels of intuition. 

Your marvellous body, your Queenly vessel deserves to be nurtured and cared for. Think about how you can clean and look after your delicious body this week and commit to doing something special for yourself and your body every day. 

Your intuition and sensitivity will be heightened by this physical self-nurturing – and your body is already quite sensitive to the world around you. This sensitivity goes beyond feeling an atmosphere or people – studies show that activity in the earth or geomagnetic activity affects the nervous systems of both humans and animals. 

As an example, animals seem to be able to sense or feel when an earthquake is about to happen. Recent studies have shown that changes in the earth’s magnetic field can be detected about an hour or longer before an earthquake occurs. One of my friends who grew up in California right on the San Andreas Faultline said her cats would go mad and race around the house about an hour before an earthquake would happen. 

As you become more sensitive to nature, it’s likely that you will also become more sensitive to life around you, which in this day and age is mostly technology-based. A UCLA study showed that we are exposed to over 175 newspaper’s worth of data per day! And a study from UC San Diego suggests that we are inundated with the equivalent amount of 34 Gb (gigabytes) of information – enough to overload a laptop within a week. This is over five times the amount of information we were exposed to 20 short years ago – and this information overload is addictive. Think about kids constantly on their phones, looking at social media and internet content. 

This inundation of information means that kids and adults alike are spending more time in front of screens than ever before, leading to video fatigue and information overload. And this goes beyond simply the news and media – this applies to how-to videos, teachers, gurus, people telling you how to live your best life, and more.

So, what can you do? How do you navigate this overload while still being connected to your sensitivity and the world around you? The key lies in being present in your body. Being present in your body keeps you grounded in your Queenly wisdom. 

Remember that your best teacher is your own intuition, your own gut instinct, and your connection to the infinite information available to all of us.

Lady Queens, we invite you to take a moment to think about how you can clean and care for your magnificent body this week and make a commitment to something wonderful for yourself each and every day!