Previously I was told “you have a higher self-worth than is attainable.” That statement was said by a close friend, so the pain ran deep in my veins. I think many people (especially women) forget their overall worth.

As a Black woman in America, I don’t say this to be egotistical or even for having confidence in a particular skill. I have to remind myself daily that I am more than how the media portrays me. And the same goes for you. You are more than a singer. You are more than a mother, or a friend. You are more than your title. Regardless of the context, I can’t allow statements to break my efforts in being successful.

What I have realized is that as much as people want to achieve greater things in their life, they don’t see the value in their self, mostly because others don’t see it presently.

I can write on a million topics and truthfully know that I am not the first to say it, nor the last to share it. However, we all have a circle of influence and a greater purpose to achieve. I am happy (and willing) to repeat it knowing it could be the timely reminder for a reader.

Here are a few reminders to never settle for less than you deserve:

  • You are more than the neighborhood you were raised in.
  • You are more than your family expects of you.
  • You are more than your resumes states.
  • You are more than the color of your skin, in any shade it comes.
  • You are more than the words of your colleagues, your partner, the media, and even the church.
  • Your past does not define you.
  • Your physical health and mental wellness are vital to your strength, but do not make you weak.
  • Your personal and professional development is important, but so is a day of rest
  • Your goals should be about being better, only according to your own standards and God’s standards.

The person you today is already excellent. Striving for more just means you are planning your future. It means you are worth the fight and the sacrifices. As Tony Gaskins says, “Know who you are. Know what you want. Know what you deserve. And don’t settle for less.” And I couldn’t say it better myself. Never decrease your worth to appeal to other peoples comfort.