I did something this morning, planned at the last minute.

I decided to take the kids to the beach for a walk and so we set off and had the most magical experience ever!

And it has stirred something inside of me!!!

I feel like I have a spring in my step and a new awareness around different areas in life.

My mind feels free and clear and I LOVE this feeling.

Our soul LOVES spontaneity.

We spend so much of our day stuck in a pattern of routine and structure – same sameness!

Living over and over in the same emotions created from living out the same routine day in and day out can easily lead to feeling overwhelmed.

In that automated state we are not consciously thinking, we just go with the flow of life, like robots.

And for our intuition and soul messages to get through this automated thought pattern of ‘different day same stuff’ we need an abrupt pattern interrupt!!

We need to creep up on that robotic routine and surprise it and while it goes off and tries to work out what the heck is going on the soul floodgates have opened and Divine wisdom is flowing on through.

You are reminded of your truth, you feel connected and you are allowing your mind to rest.

Our intuition and soul messages never stop, but the whispers become more audible when we free ourselves from the ‘Groundhog Day’ routine.

Doing something off the cuff keeps your ego on its toes, and our ego needs to be kept in check!

Your ego is like the ringleader of your beliefs and thought patterns and LOVES you to stick to them.

When it sees you deviate from the normal it sends signals through your emotions to motivate you to just keep on doing the same thing, but I use these signals as signs from my soul to do it anyway.

If I feel resistance around getting up and trying something different, I see this as a good thing, it is going to rejuvenate my experience and I am breaking a cycle.

Your subconscious operates in line with your actions, and your subconscious is the creator of your life experiences, so to break any unconscious cycle you change your actions!

Honestly, when I first thought about going for a walk in the ice-cold windy air along the beach my ego wanted me to stay in the house sitting in front of my laptop looking at all of my deadlines, I had thoughts of ‘Ill just stay here, its too cold’ but I knew that I needed to shake up my routine.

Days of home schooling four children while working from home were calling me to break the routine and reconnect to myself.

In these moments of pattern interrupt it is like picking up a phone and having a direct conversation with soul.

All of my perceived problems were solved on that beach.

Clarity resumed in my mind, I could sense what I should be doing, it felt right, and the problems left my mind.

Clearing a wonderful space to just take in the moment, watching the waves, hearing the sounds, feeling the cold on my cheeks.

When your soul speaks to you it is like a voice of totality.

When you hear it, you KNOW you must listen to it and you know its aligned.

It’s the final words you need to hear about ANYTHING before the clouds disperse and you know exactly what steps to take next.

Today I heard ‘surrender to the flow’

Something I am so good at is helping others and forgetting to help myself.

I am always empowering women to get excited about their power and creative energy that I sometimes forget to use mine.

Sometimes I forget to pause and listen.

These little sprinkles of gold from the soul find it difficult to penetrate the noise from the automated patterns of our life.

So, when we take time to switch it up, expect an avalanche of wisdom to flood your awareness.

On the beach this morning I felt alive.

An alive ‘feeling’ I have missed.

I felt unstoppable and as if anything were possible for me, and it is true in both cases.

The world looked brighter and more sparkly.

I was able to see through some little ego patterns I had fallen for again.

Spontaneity keeps us in check, it shines a light on the areas that need it, it brings the joy de vivre back to life!

I have plans, BIG plans and I am back in love with my life again.

A true cancerian, on that water today it felt like home, it felt comforting and the energy that came from the water filled me back up.

My advice right now, choose a pattern interrupt, your soul will thank you for it.

It doesn’t have to be a big grand interrupt, taking a walk, having a bath, meditation, cooking, singing, writing – they are all wonderful ways to revive your connection to your soul and to yourself.

Leanne MacDonald is a published author and International Spiritual Transformation Coach on a mission to awaken women to their pure potential, so they are free to live life courageously, unbound and Goddesspowered!

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