So often, we wish to control all the details in our plans so we feel safe. Guess what? That never works, and it pushes out the very Force (God, Divine, Universe, Tree, Bob, etc.) that is here to support our success.

How do you design a plan that is truly one of co-creation with the Universal forces of love? The most successful plan has several elements:

  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • A foundational belief that you are worthy to receive your needs, wants and desires

Building Trust

I have noticed that humans on the spiritual path have a misconception about trust. The fallacy is: being in trust means that we will receive everything we want, exactly the way we want it, and we will be safe. Often, people want to trust in order to feel safe and know that all will be well, but that isn’t trust at all. So, what is trust? Trust is a willingness to be open to all possibilities and know that our current experience is not a true reflection of our essential nature. When we move into a practice of real trust, we know there truly is no peril because we are much more than any experience that may occur in our lives.

Many times, when we are receiving the impulse to trust, it’s because we want to move from struggle into experiencing more of the bliss of this world. We want to open a pathway that leads to all the possibilities of connecting with our Divinity. The time to practice trust is not only when we are experiencing a challenge, but on a daily basis. A momentary pause to fill ourselves with trust and sit in the stillness of that. To me, that experience feels like a warm, sunny day. It is a feeling of being totally present in a moment where nothing else has demands on who we are or what we desire.

Building Flexibility

The Universe loves to fill a container. Your success strategy is to become that container for the Universe to fill. Often, we are taught to be specific and when those particular details don’t appear in our lives, we believe we have failed in our manifestation process. Creating elasticity allows us to embrace change and opportunities. It allows us to understand what openings will manifest the vision of our success. When you are flexible it will create more balance in your life and generate a better response when a challenge arises. When you let go of control, it strengthens your relationships because you are open to understanding the elements that create win-win experiences for all involved.

Building Beliefs

Success and knowing that you are worthy seem to go hand-in-hand. How do you nourish this belief of profound worthiness? It all starts with noticing; notice where you feel not enough in your life. I have been on my spiritual success journey for a while and I am still aware of  the feeling of not enough occurring. When you notice it, just pause and ask yourself this question: “If I knew I was enough, what would I express, say and do in this circumstance?”

Creating Your Success Plan

Prior to writing out the vision of my success or the elements of that success, I begin with three powerful questions:

  1. How am I defining success in this situation?
  2. How is my definition limiting the support of the Divine?
  3. What do I get to be, do and express each day to be my definition of success?

After those questions are answered, I create my vision and lay out what I believe are the tasks or elements of that success. Each day, I read over my success plan and adjust accordingly.

My belief is one of triumph, and my plan builds on that belief in each moment.