I remember as a kid having a set of World Books in my house. I used it for reports and went to the library to find resources and even used ‘micro film’. Now that I’ve dated myself.

Fast forward to today where we literally don’t have to ‘think’ too hard to get an answer to basically anything.

  • Want to know how old Jennifer Lopez is? Ask Siri
  • Want to know if Target is open on Sunday? Ask Google Maps
  • How to set up an email market campaign? YouTube as 100’s of videos
  • When should a baby try solid food? Ask in a Facebook group

The ways to acquire information are endless and free. But usually ‘worth’ very little. Why?

What happens to your brain when you don’t use it to find and create solutions but use it as a sorting and skimming machine.

Your brain gets bored and frustrated very easily. It gets pissed when we don’t have the answer immediately. It wants to run away from hard problems that take more than one step. And your brain just checks out on a vacation and your life, results and paycheck becomes smaller and smaller.

Get back into the practice of being creative and imaginative – willing to think and explore all options for solving a problem. Focusing on the problem – stops you from solving in.

Focusing on yourself not having resources (time, money, status), focusing on other people as problem (husband, boss, kids, clients) and the Universe as the problem (I’m not lucky, don’t know right people, answer is outside you)

Is delegating your ability to solve problems.

Giving away your power to solve problems to people and things outside of us is the fastest way to turn your brain into mush, make way less money and never lead the pack.

Developing the skill of resourcefulness is solving problems by resources within you.

How to develop resourcefulness:

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. How are you using resources to solve problems? Throwing money at problems vs. solving with own creativity and imagination. Where are you delegating your power?
  2. How can you keep going and solve for result you want – even when XX

Do this in real time while it’s happening, not in the future.

Answering your own questions.

Taking ownership of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Not crediting them to outside sources.

Trial and error, over and over.

This is where the big bucks start.