Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not things that are, or that you have, but things that you do. How to take control of your mind in 3 steps.

The #1 tool that is helping me through 2020 is NLP. Neuro-linguistic programming. It’s a way of changing someone’s thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for them.

In 2018 I became a certified Neuro-Linguistic Practioner with Dr. Richard Bandler. Why is that important to share?

Well for me, it’s because he’s the source. He’s the creator, he’s the one that founded the concept. I knew when the time came for me to step into my growth further, he was who I wanted to be certified by. There were tons of other local options, but I felt a calling to go galactic and learn from the best, and that’s just what I did along with 10 other beautiful galactic beings.

We laughed, cried, danced, anchored in our feelings, busted assumptions, limiting beliefs, our stories, the group’s stories, studied the functionally of the brain, the mind, and fundamentally understood WHY people do what they do.

We learned that 97% of humans live in a victim state!! Yikes! So collectively we committed our whole selves to the process so we can powerfully impact and empower change, by being the change we want to see in the world. So grateful for the experience, and for doing the work myself so I can powerfully serve others today.

What is NLP? The best way to explain NLP is like learning the language of the mind which most are not fluent in. Let me explain further.

Do you ever find yourself dreading something? Dreading taking some form of action? Maybe it’s going to the gym, or waking up early and jumping out of bed or maybe it’s traffic? So what you’re doing is you’re envisioning what will happen, and how it will make you feel … but the thoughts aren’t the truth because you haven’t experienced them yet, they are just thoughts, but your mind is coming up with all the reason for your physical being to not want to take action!

If those subconscious thoughts can cause you to NOT take action, to MISS your greatest opportunities, to cause you to DOUBT and talk yourself out of things, cause you stress and anxiety, then just IMAGINE what a transformation you can make in your own life if you are able to take control of your subconscious mind and replace those thoughts with thoughts that actually SERVE you? AH-MAZING right?!

Here’s the bad news. 97% of people are waiting for an EXTERNAL event to take away their guilt, sadness, depression, and stress. But the secret to happiness and fulfillment is WITHIN YOU! You’ve got to be willing and ready for change and when you are, everything you need is already inside of you — the only thing missing is your willingness!

My training was learning these mind-blowing tools and technics backed by science to help people leave their guilt, pain, and anxiety in the past so they can rapidly TRANSFORM THEIR IDENTITIES and CHANGE THEIR LIVES. SOOO EXCITING RIGHT? That’s my work in the world. That’s why I had to endure uncomfortable levels of pain, so I could transcend, turn my pain into power, and rise to hold space for others.

This is where I shine the brightest. I’ve gone deep, and like a sponge in bathwater absorbed, got humbled MANY times over, studied and learned at the feet of the best in the world, and today I take these complicated subjects and making them applicable and digestible so others have their own breakthrough.

Did you know that we are all just walking around telling stories?

This is who I am
This is the way it is
I can’t change
I will never find love
Only lucky people succeed
My life sucks
Money is hard to make
He’s an asshole
She’s a ( fill in the blanks )

We tell stories about who we “think” we are.
We tell stories about who other people are.
We tell stories about how life is happening to us.
We tell stories about how this happened because of that.

We tell stories for a living. All-day. Every day. We’re professional storytellers and we’ve been repeating the same stories for years, the only thing that might change is the characters in our story. The worst part? We don’t even know we’re telling a story. How so? Because they’re subconscious and this is where we spend 95% of our life.

GULP! I know right?! That number scared me too when I first heard it. I was like holy smokes only 5% of our thoughts are conscious? and 97% of us are living from a victim mentality? Say WHAT?! Yup! and we do it because these stories feed our emotional addictions and as my good old friend and mentor, Tony Robbins reminds us if we are meeting 3 of our 6 human needs (certainty, uncertainty, significance, love/connection, growth, and contribution ) it becomes next to impossible to change the behavior.


Step 1: Get conscious about the words you speak. Observe yourself. Listen as you speak to others. This is the hardest and most uncomfortable step. Do you use the word BUT or make a lot of excuses for “WHY” things are the way they are? Do you hide behind a story? Caution: You’ll get triggered but keep at it. This is the most difficult space and why few people have self-awareness: it’s PAINFUL.

Step 2: Ask yourself is this even true? How So? According to whom? Keep asking questions. To question what you believe is an amazing gift to give yourself. The answers are always inside you, just waiting to be heard. Drop-in and ask and be ready to hear what comes up! ( if you need some support get some, this journey isn’t meant to and is next to impossible to change without it.)

Step 3: Consciously create a new story- Who would you be without the story? Who would you be if you started living life FOR you? Instead of making excuses, why you aren’t doing the things that light you up? Maybe it’s self-care, or carving out time to go to the gym, eating better? Leaving that toxic relationship? Investing in your own personal growth? Challenging the biggest lie of all “I’m not enough.”

For many people, life without their story is literally unimaginable. They have no reference for it because the mind can only conceive what it knows. So “I don’t know” is a common answer to this question but each time you challenge the story, and hold yourself accountable you can shift.

When you don’t you stay in a victim state that life is unfair and is happening TO you instead of FOR you.

How do I know this to be true? Because there’s no other place for you to be other than right where you are. You can’t get to there without being here and there is only here.

It’s time to release the negative emotions of the past so you can finally claim your personal power! It’s time to stop looking for success outside of you and start BEING success. Become more fulfilled, more empowered, fill yourself with self-love so you can manifest the exact things you’re seeking.

Take your time. Notice what comes up for you.

Oh! and breathe will ya?! That’s right … exhale …. there you go! Want more of me?! Make sure we’re besties on the Gram!

Amanda x