Have you ever seen one of those Instagram posts which say ‘your vibes attracts your tribe’? Sounds good. Makes sense, kind of at least. Depending on how much you know about quantum physics or energies or spirituality.

But the concept is rather basic, if you are open to imagine the following. Every person, every word, every thought, every action, even every color has its own frequency. Everything is vibration, energy. Like a radio station. They are sending out frequencies, but not everyone receives them. Only the people or devices that are on the same frequency. We are our own radio station with various shows. Like our emotions. Emotions are energy in motion. We are emotional beings and we are filled with emotions, whether we take note of them or suppress them, they are there, and they are constantly sending out their frequencies, waiting for a counterpart that receives them. 

Did you have situations that happened over and over again? Or the same kind of people coming into your life over and over again? This is because something within you is sending a signal that attracts people or situations with similar frequencies.

Melissa Kiss

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. This is also why making plans, setting intentions and goals or manifesting works so brilliantly – because it simply helps us to focus our energy on what we want to attract. It sets a certain frequency within us, that is constantly sending a signal towards our goals. 

This signal can get interrupted by other frequencies though. Sometimes we first need to shut down an old signal, that is interrupting the one we want to send out now. 

Let’s say you want to attract your soul mate, unconditional love. When you still have unresolved issues, old wounds from past relationships whether that be with former partners, your family or yourself, chances are that those signals are still predominant and you keep attracting the “wrong” people. Although they aren’t truly wrong, they are just here to show you where you need to work on yourself. Those old frequencies manifest as those people. So you get the chance to look at whatever you need to heal or learn. When all your frequencies around love are in harmony, you are finally able to send out the pure signal of the person you want to attract. 

Everything that is in our life, is our own creation.

Melissa Kiss

And I mean everything. No matter as how negative we might perceive them, they are our creation. We send out signals that attract everything. Our soul comes to this world with certain frequencies, in order to attract specific things and create certain experiences. 

This is why our vibe not only attracts our tribe but our entire life. Knowing this, wouldn’t it be time wasted if we didn’t start to actively to work on our vibration? Becoming more aware of what we are sending out into this universe and what we want to call in. Taking full responsibility for everything in our life and look at our challenges as something we need to learn from or transform in order to create the frequency we truly want to have in our life. This text has certain frequencies and without making any decisions, it energetically moved something within yourself, whether you consciously feel it or not. 

Be mindful what you let in. What you surround yourself with. And what you send out there. It creates your experience here on this planet.