Prateek Shukla

The million-dollar question that we all asked ourselves at one time or the other is, why are we here? And where do we see ourselves in life? We all are here with a specific purpose but what helps us move and direct our purpose is a vision. What exactly is the vision? The dictionary defines vision as an act or power of anticipating which will or may come to be. Vision gives direction and a glimpse over our life to make our goals and purpose become a reality. In order to understand where we want ourselves to be in life, we must have a clear vision of our life.

So many people set goals at the beginning of the year without projecting their imaginations out into the future and thinking about how they fit into the big picture. Are you one of those people? If you want to set goals that you’re excited to achieve they need to be in alignment with what you want to happen in your life. Your first step is to get clear about your vision.

Prateek Shukla of Altorum LerenPvt.Ltd says goal setting is crucial for moving forward. Without establishing goals, it’s harder to create a path to success. If you’re just creating goals without a larger destination in mind, it’s fruitless labor. Think of your vision like that destination. It’s your end goal. It gives you a larger purpose to outline the little goals you set along the way. It’s your finish line. 

If you have a clear vision and live according to a set of clearly defined core values, you’ll make a lot of progress toward what you really desire without even needing “big goals.” Remember, you can think of vision as the destination and goals as a way to get there said Prateek.

When people say something can’t be done it simply means they cannot achieve it. That’s OK, you’re not asking them to. We have a clear vision and are willing to put in the work to make it a reality and believe in our vision. Think big, be brave and do whatever it takes to make that vision your reality. Once you find your vision, everything else will follow.

The first thing we must realize is that our vision will never become a reality if we sit back and wait for it to happen. Like all things in life, talking about our vision is not enough, we must get busy and work towards our goals quoted Prateek Shukla.