YouTube Can Cure the Mental Health Epidemic

Taking a walk outside is a proven stress reliever and true mood booster. However, a lot of people do not have the luxury of heading outdoors every time they feel overwhelmed or sad – especially if they are at work.

Watching YouTube videos is a powerful tool for improving critical mental and cognitive functions like focus, intensity, and confidence. It can also be utilized, if mixed with mental imagery, to enhance mindfulness and relaxation tactics and techniques.

YouTube for Improving Mental Health

Mental Health

On YouTube’s home page, one will notice that the platform appears to understand what a viewer usually wishes to watch. It seems like it’s always ready to suggest videos which the user enjoys watching. But how does it happen?

The platform knows what you want, as the mechanisms of the site are very similar to the mechanisms of a person’s mind. Entering the site, you’ll find the videos which you’ve watched recently have created the basis of what’s presenting on the homepage. You will see sections such as Genre, Recommended, Recently Played as well as Rediscover Videos You Love.

Now, based on the videos which you’ve had an attraction for watching, the platform shows videos which you tend to enjoy. For instance, if you like to watch more nature videos, more nature-related videos are displayed on the homepage.

It’s the same when experiencing events through life – your brain is always listening and learning what your reactions are to various occurrences that are taking place in your life. That’s means that the brain understands that you have a tendency for anxiety in social situations, for example. Thus it covers a “genre station” of worrying on your “mental homepage”. Therefore, if a big social event takes place in your life, you’ll fall into the habit of getting anxious. Not only that, but it will effect your view of similar situations in the future, causing you to watch them through “negative lenses” and have bad experiences. YouTube is the same in the sense that the homepage curates videos that you’re more likely to like, just like the brain curates behaviors that you’re more likely to present.

The Role of Change in Strengthening One’s Mental Health

Mental Health / Blue board concept

With the visuals presented by the platform, viewers can realize that the way people think is just a creation of the dominant actions, words, interpretations and ideas which they’ve picked over their actual life experience. At the moment, we’ve got all a “homepage” of habitual actions, words, and thoughts in our minds, all of which make us who we are. We can change them by searching for other ways of thinking and looking for new points of view. Just as we can search for new content on YouTube and find videos we’ve never seen before on subjects we never knew we cared for.

If we change our habits, we could make a new mental homepage. Apart from that, along with that positive and new mental homepage, people will approach life more naturally and more effectively in a much better way. So, with those new habitual and natural actions and thoughts, you change your life.

Always bear in mind that you’re in complete control. A person’s brain might feature a mental homepage of negativity which entices one on a regular basis because it’s what they are accustomed to. However, they are the ones who decide what to partake in and what to react to.

Although our routine actions and thoughts are always surfaced on the mental homepage, calling to be “clicked” upon, we have the power to search for a positive and new life perspective. In addition, we are in complete control of our mindsets and behaviors. Choose to be positive, and we will become more positive by nature. Choose to be happy, and happiness will become our natural way of thinking and experiencing life. Everybody can make their changes today.

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