Yuvraj Pokharna

When you struggle with the way things are now, you’re struggling with the entire universe. No amount of arguing will change the present moment. Arguing with the way things are now just creates suffering. Instead of arguing, accept and surrender to what is. Then, ask yourself what the present moment requires of you, and do it, says Yuvraj Pokharna.

Yuvraj, a dynamic, young educationist, activist and a columnist of national repute in India shares his concern along with the possible solution with regards to the global scenario and rise in Islamic terrorism. He sees the fundamentalists and radicals indulging in spreading violence and terrorism from Syria to France to Vienna akin. He rebukes and castigates all the tormentors alike and on the basis of their fundamental ideology- which is to consider the ‘non-believers’ as infidels and incarcerate them till they convert into ‘believers’. While Heis a self-professed proponent of Hindutva. He asserts it with the firm conviction that Hindutva or the Hinduness is the only way to move forward and attain world peace.

“Hindutva is the sense of Hinduness. Over and above religious lines, it is more of a philosophical and spiritual legacy of Bharat to the world. It essentially means standing by the Sanatani and Vedic values irrespective of your identity, nation, caste, creed, sect, etc. Standing with the planet and that includes all the flora and fauna apart from human beings and living in unison is the Sanatan culture and way of life. And we live in harmony without imposing one’s authority of superiority over the others, we develop an attitude of gratitude and peace prevails”. He shares some selected hymns from the Vedic literature to corroborate his belief as anecdotes of universalism in Hindutva:

Ekam sat viprabahudhavadanti
(Rig Veda Samhita, 1.164.46)

“HE who exists is one, the wise/the sages call him variously “

“Everyone should be happy “
GaruḍaPurāṇa (35.51)

“The whole world is a family”
Maha Upanishad 6.71–75

Let’s make the world a noble place.
(Rig Veda Samhita, 9.63.5)

“The world is waiting for such grand ideas of UNIVERSAL TOLERATION and that of the SPIRITUAL ONENESS of the whole universe. This oneness is the rationale of all ethics and all spirituality”. He adds, “This explains the fundamental difference between the HINDUTVA and the ABRAHAMIC Religions (CULTS) – where Hindutva is inclusive and shelters all, unlike the exclusivist ABRAHAMIC cults where they don’t believe in practices or ways to reach up to the creator. In fact, there’s no tradition of GURU – SHISHYA (TEACHER- DISCIPLE).

The GOD selects a Prophet whose job is to pass the dictate of GOD and following it blindly is their destiny/faith of the cult. One is a sinner by birth and the only way of redemption is to follow the dictate passed to them by the Prophet. Their religion is the only TRUE RELIGION! This very belief has struck the world and is becoming a menace to the whole of humanity.”