Zoe Blaire is a singer-songwriter, a model, and a teenage boss. The triple-threat begins in 2021 with her debut single, an impressive, genre-agnostic album that aims to make everybody talk.

Zoe Blaire is releasing her debut single “Days Like These” which was inspired by the pandemic and the new darkness that it created. Love, loss, loneliness, depression and self-image, now more than ever, these monsters are trending amongst teens. These problems are not new but living in the aftermath of COVID makes it harder to face. We have a secret power though, and it’s our minds. In Zoe’s song she has those dark thoughts telling her to stay but she is eager to find the light and make those thoughts go away.

Zoe’s undisputed voice and vibrant songwriting captured the eye of Grammy-winner PJ Olsson, who produced the track “Days Like These” Zoe Blaire is the new cover girl for the IT Girl Magazine-January 2021.

Despite the publicity, Zoe is doing her best to put her claim on the history of music. “I want to make music that’s timeless,” she added. “Best music creates memories and emotions that live forever.” With a strong yet delicate voice to be reckoned with, Zoe Blair has played around the country in a multitude of venues, including Six Flags, Allen Americans and Nordstrom.

Shining from a young age, the 14-year-old has been the first pick for the top labels in the world today. At the early age of two, Ford Models signed a young celebrity. Her profile was used in the most successful campaigns for Disney, Suave, H&M, and Tylenol to name a few.

Zoe is excited about the things she loves—music, clothes, and skincare. With that zeal, the creative nature, and an awareness of what the teens are going through, Zoe Blaire has developed her own natural, ALL-good skincare line of inspiring themes to promote self-love… something Zoe herself struggles with every day.

Zoe Blaire, a young singer known for her altruistic “health first” mentality and her critically praised singing talents, has released her new single. She is partnering with producer PJ Olsson to bring her project to fruition, and is still highly awaited in the run-up to the announcement.

To follow up to guarantee that no one misses the announcement when the single is released, Zoe Blaire urges fans to sign up for her list of subscribers. This is going to be a chance to stay up to date, connect with her online, and follow her unique story.

Formed in Florida but now based in TX, the young singer draws on the sensibilities of punk, electro pop and alternative. She has drawn public exposure to her singing and voice, but she is also a phenomenal solo entrepreneur.

Both her music and her company are grounded in an urge to communicate with other teenagers. Knowing the struggles, ambitions and journeys of life they face, she strives to inspire them and motivate them to discover their true selves. Listen to her debut single now.

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