You feel your palms getting sweaty, your heart rate jumps and you question whether you even need a job. Or maybe you have a pile of work that is growing and growing that it starts resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa… whatever situation you’re in – I’ve been there. I’ve felt it. I’ve experienced it. I’ve struggled with it but more importantly I’ve learnt from it. Finding your Sweet Spot is a choice and it’s easy once you know how, here are 3 things you can do in 3 minutes to shift that god-awful feeling and start loving your life again (and prevent the desk from being smashed under those beautiful fists).

1) Take 3 breaths. I know this sounds obvious and everyone tells you to do it but believe me, it works. And I don’t mean 3 little tiny breaths, I mean 3 wholesome, full body, belly breaths. Focus on how it feels to let your rib cage and your belly and your chest expand with all the juicy air and just sigh it all out (make a noise if you want it’s amusing). And it takes less than a minute.

2) Distract yourself. When that red-hot feeling starts rising in you, your body is ready to fight or run away, it’s preparing for action. All the energy and adrenaline starts shooting around your body like fireworks and it’s got nowhere to go so it just builds up. Distracting yourself with another activity is a quick and easy way to stop this in its tracks. I watch a funny video on YouTube, or get up and walk around but I know some people who love looking at cat photos so whatever floats your boat really, just switch up those thought patterns.

3) Say thanks. Gratitude is the queen of all glory and the king of all joy and is so, so powerful when you’re feeling like a bag of poo. Start saying thank you for what you have, for what you’re doing right now, for what you’re going to do in the future or for what has happened in the past and write. it. down. Negative thoughts and vibes only bring on more darkness and we end up spiralling and spiralling until we just want to escape, but saying thank you opens you up to feeling light and bright. It doesn’t have to be particularly meaningful but make sure it’s something you truly are grateful for and feel it. One day it might be your hair, another day it might be your ability to bounce back or maybe someone amazing in your life that appreciates all you do.