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Healthy living is essential for the ones who think of having a longer and stable working life. Workplace stress is because of the lack of proper balance and unhealthy eating habits. Regulating all that to a healthy lifestyle and still coping with the workload is only possible when you start doing yoga at home, as that is the only way you can relax the body and mind by doing yoga nidra like Yoga nidra  has a lot of benefits to the body and is not just to heal  your body. But before you make a habit of doing it, read about the types of guided yoga nidra and postures and then slowly attaining perfection in poses is essential.

yoga nidra soraya  saraswati

Surya namaskar: The source and powerhouse of energy is the sun that is the base of every beginning. The sun salutation or Surya namaskar is the first to show gratitude to the sun and then seek balance in the body before going ahead to performing any other yoga postures. The first step is to stand at the edge of the mat, balancing the weight of your body equally on both feet. Now slowly expand your chest when you breathe in, relax your shoulders, exhale, and bend down to touch the ground. Now bend forward and push one foot straight behind, bring the other foot on front and closer to the chest and look up; support your body with the hands on the floor. 

Next, as you breathe in, push the folded foot behind and focusing all your attention on the core balance the whole body on the toe and palms. Then gradually exhale and bring your knees down on the floor, and put your head down as well. Now, lift your head in the cobra pose try to keep your chest up. You may keep your elbow bent or straight. Next, slowly lift your hip and tail bone and balance the body on the heels. 

Let the blood flow down your back and feel the muscles relaxing. Then breathing in, put your other foot back in front and knee close to the chest, push the foot that was stretched back in the same place as that of the front one and inhale and come back to the standing posture. This is the most important of all the yoga postures because this is the pose that regulated the whole body and activated the body and mind at once. To live long, it is essential to start the right way of doing so.

The bridge pose: A 9 to 5 job demands you to sit in front of your laptop and work constantly. No physical activities thus clog your joints and make you lazy. This particular yoga is a joint opener. It strengthens your spine, helps you improve your flexibility and enables proper blood circulation. If you are a night owl and do not quite like the fact, then this yoga pose eliminates insomnia from your life. 

The Child pose: People who have longer shifts in work or students who spend most of their time on their study take have back issues. This yoga pose is to stretch the body and improve spine health. When kneeling and sitting on your heels with the upper part of your body and head bent down, blood flushes to your brain and relaxes its tiredness.

The warrior pose: If you are amongst the number of women who experience menstrual pain. This yoga pose where one leg is stretched behind, the other is half ben, and your hands lifted above in a “namaskar” posture and spine bent behind a bit helps ease the pain. Also, it relaxes the tension around the lower arms and strengthens the body muscles.

The downward dog pose: Stretching the hamstrings helps you strengthen the arms and inner thighs, sends fresh oxygen to your brain, and improves blood circulation. 

The triangle pose: If you have slouching issues, this yoga posture helps align the body, tightens your neck ligaments, reduces back pain and releases tension from the entire body. Yoga shows slow progress and results, and because the whole building up of every pose to get a prefecture posture is done step by step, it creates a balance in your body. This particular pose is for both the left and right sides of the body. Beginning from spreading your foot apart and bending down to touch your left foot with the right hand and right foot with your left hand when done for few days also makes your body flexible. 

Four limbed poses: Lying down on the mat, you lift your entire body by applying all the pressure on your foot and arms. This posture is made to strengthen your core and arms muscles. 

The corps yoga pose:  After all your workouts are done, the corps yoga pose is time to feel the burn in your body and slowly release each and every muscle and concentrate on your breathing. For that, this particular yoga pose is to be in the sleeping posture and then breathe slowly. 

Yoga Nidra: To maintain a healthy lifestyle like it is essential to keep your body active, it becomes equally necessary to have a relaxed sleep for about six to eight hours at night. But, unfortunately, the generation that you belong to has forgotten to give proper rest to the body as and when required, thus ignoring the fact that the person’s productivity highly depends on the amount of rest that the mind and the body get. Guided Yoga Nidra is a sleep relaxation technique that gives individuals proper rest when there is a need. So, the next day begins with a fresh mind and a happy soul. Many companies have this healthy living and excellent sleeping motto, and they recommend this to their clients.

Quality Living:

Just surviving for the sake of it makes you have a heavy feeling towards life. Yoga is something that reduces this burden and eases the tension and also help to reduce weight. Live a life in balance, and you can enjoy a healthy mind for a long time. Every time you think of starting a good habit and still do not feel that confident to make your body go through a lot of exertion at once by going to the gym, you need to do nothing but a set of 10 reps of Surya namaskar. Within a week, you will see the stamina and flexibility of your body have increased. 

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