If there is an adjective that can define this 2020, it’s “Challenging.” I believe the world is ready to move on from 2020, but it’s important that we do it with optimism. And while new routines came to life for so many of us, we were all rebuilding our daily lives and searching for some type of normality. Among all these challenges, there is a common denominator around screen time management and digital wellness. 
Since our launch in 2017, every year, we have put together a list of relevant trends that we hope can help you enter the new year with less stress and more control over your digital life. Here are the trends for 2021!

1- The Analog Nostalgia

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This is a term we created to define a situation that is a consequence of the current overwhelming nature of technology. 
Immersed in this inundation of current technology, we are becoming more and more nostalgic for a simpler past time when human connection was valued over social media likes. We want people to return to these simpler times and be conscious of how technology affects them and their relationships with others.

2- The Tracking Everything Obsession Loses Following

stop tracking everything

The launch of FIBIT (2007) created an unhealthy culture of tracking that has been copied and enhanced by every other app, especially Instagram.  Although we believe in the importance of tracking, as human beings, we weren’t born to track every little aspect of our lives. It creates an unhealthy competition by comparison that makes us lose sight of the end goal because we focus on the meaninglessness of the daily number (likes, steps, etc.).

3- “Home” Wellness is now a category 

home wellness 2021A trend dramatically amplified by COVID-19 is bringing all kinds of wellness into our homes, from the simplest moves to the highest-tech.  We are spending so much more time in our homes, and the line between life and work is getting more and more blurred. Therefore, organizations are looking to help us optimize our homes so we can still find some space for relaxing and disconnecting. This trend that started in 2020 will carry on strong during 2021. 

4- Digital Wellness As A Top Priority Within Our Healthy Lifestyle. 

Digital wellness workspaceAlready featured in our trends last year, we truly believe digital wellness will finally become a major priority within the current healthy living trend. Within the holistic health revolution which consists of body, mind, and soul care, digital wellness has finally become a top priority. In recent years, there has been a shift in our society that focuses more on each individual’s wellness, but it wasn’t until a year or two ago that we have also become concerned about our digital devices and the effects that they have on the human body. Most healthy living influencers (nutritionists, yoga teachers, mindfulness coaches, etc.) are now introducing digital wellbeing to their practices and programs.
Health is not just a habit but a lifestyle!

5- From Broadcasting Everything To Post About Digital Detoxing

Digital Detox Community

Most people, including me, spend more time on their phones that they would like to. It’s unintentional, hard to manage and it has been designed that way by the big tech companies. 
At first, we feel happy and determined but the fact is that; after a few minutes, we ended up getting lost in our devices, craving more screen time and feeling frustrated and stressed.  

We end in a “TECH OBLIVION”.

Doing a full digital detox every Sunday has truly changed the way I face both the end and the beginning of the week. This makes me feel more relaxed and focused and have more HUMAN time to enjoy with my family.

This switch in behavior that I’ve seen on Instagram recently is growing exponentially. The more and more brave people have started taking the courage to do a digital detox and feeling proud about it. This was unthinkable a couple of years ago but today, it is a cool and inspiring thing to be congratulated for. The smile on their faces is a clear result of it. At Bagby, we want to promote these stories and offer our help so that this trend doesn’t fade away but becomes a real thing. Feel free to drop us an email to join this new movement we called “DIGITAL DETOX HEROES”. It’s time to change this Instagram-driven society and switch the narrative to a mindful an more human use of technology.  

Digital Detox is an act of courage and as such, it deserves to be promoted.

6- Corporations Embrace Digital Wellness To Increase Productivity

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Corporate wellness, especially during COVID19 has finally came into play in big organizations. Often falling under HR department responsibility, there is a need to redesign the workspace post-COVID and help employees working from home.
After a challenging year for companies to be profitable, the C-Suite will be looking at ways on how their employees can increase their focus and manage the blurred lines between work and life. Solutions that encourage phone-free breaks, mindful signage or hiring digital wellness coaches are just a few of many ways companies can improve the new workplace. Productivity is at risk and companies cannot allow themselves to have another troubled year.