coronavirus birthday celebration

Birthdays are a special day. It’s the day the universe says, “I can’t live without you, without your energy and without your contribution to the world”. The day we were born is a day we celebrate our existence and the reasons for that existence. Under coronavirus lockdown that celebration may seem dim without being able to throw a party or visit restaurants with friends. I’m here to tell you, not so! Here is a chance to have an even more meaningful birthday celebration. 

If we start by being mindful about why we have birthday celebrations we will be able to bring that experience to something unforgettable and purposeful. Our birthdays are a window to who we really are, to connect to our essence. It’s an opportunity to remember why we exist. To tap into our mission. An opportunity to connect with our loved ones and be reminded we matter. 

Most of us are used to taking into account this special day by having a party and celebrating with our family and friends. In a time when the world is not allowed to be with each other we are encouraged to get more creative and learn different ways to celebrate. 

Under a Crisis: Celebrate Life

When we are all experiencing pain, anxiety and loneliness it is an apropos time to celebrate life. Take advantage to start the day with introspection. The crisis has given us the opportunity to take time for the things that matter most, our family and caring for others. On your special day, do a year in review or life in review. How are your relationships, family and friends? How can you make time for connecting with others, once this is over? Is your work meaningful and think of ways you can make it more meaningful. How is your health and wellbeing? Do you get out for exercise? Make a plan to start something cool you always wanted. Like adding an adventure to your life, maybe that’s bike riding or learning to skateboard. This exercise of introspection  is to analyze if we are living up to our standards and the life we dream of. We can start by changing or adding one new thing and making our lives more thrilling. 

Be thankful: Give to others

A birthday is a great time to express gratitude for life and what we have. Reflecting on our blessings and knowing there are others who have less materialistic or psychologically increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing. This is a known fact, research shows we feel happy by doing for others, psychology today published an article on this. On this day, give to your favorite charity or to a cause you care about. During coronavirus, we have all been in touch with people that have lost their jobs and some are having a hard time to put food on the table. Pitch in to buy their groceries. The amount you give is not relevant. What’s important is the deed. 

Make a commitment

Like new years resolution, a birthday is a way more powerful time to start something new. My birthday marks an initiation or attempt at starting a new habit. These commitments take the form of, “learn Hebrew, Sundays I’ll prepare snacks for the week, start a 30 day challenge”. This year I’m committing myself to send one person a week an inspirational thought. If I need them, others do. This new commitment was born from the coronavirus new normal we are living in and staying positive and in touch with friends. Make your commitment known to a friend to keep you accountable. 

Local Support

What’s a birthday without indulging in the pleasures of life? Think yummy food, desserts, ice creams or a glass of wine. Support your local community and restaurants by ordering from their menu and having it delivered to your palace. Leave the cooking and baking behind, unless that’s what’s meaningful to you, and take joy in having a delicious meal prepared for you. This is an awesome way to treat yourself on your special day and help out the local restaurants you love. 

Connect With Others:Virtual Party

Invite friends and family to a Zoom video gathering for a virtual party. Zoom, facetime and other video chats have become so popular because they make it possible to stay connected at work and people. They also give us the opportunity to get many people together that normally wouldn’t be able to join us. Pre-arrange details of the party to have the chat flow with meaning. Start with infusing purpose into that pocket of time you are all spending together and thank people for taking the time to join in. Follow up with structure to the party. Will you guys be taking turns? Is there a theme topic which everyone shares and goes around? Take it one step up and share or teach about something you are passionate about. This will be a party you will forever remember. A zoom party.

Birthday Cake

A birthday is a celebration, what’s a celebration without this token; the birthday cake. It’s your special day, make it special by getting a birthday cake and lighting candles. The candle represents your soul, your energy, have it present and let it be a reminder that you’re alive to make a difference. 

Coronavirus lockdown has brought us to a new reality, a more profound extreme reality. Under extreme circumstances we have the opportunity to practice all we have learned all our lives. We have the opportunity to reach deep inside ourselves and reveal our essence, one that is purposeful and sees oneness. Make this birthday meaningful by infusing purpose to your life, and making a difference in other people’s life. Have a happy meaningful birthday celebration. It’s your special day.