Yesterday, as I was sitting with some friends of mine the topic of travelling paved it’s way to our conversation. Then it hit me, that many people see travelling as an activity of being motionless, a long deserved vacation after days and days of work or school. I, however, have always possessed a different mentality and had a rather unique approach to this underrated act of “travelling”. 

Just to be clear from the start, I do not necessarily mean far distance journeys when I mention travelling but an act of motion in which our minds are open to new perspectives and happenings. However, while travelling long distances our minds expect diversion since we get out of our own little, well-memorised bubble and take a step towards breaking our monotony. Therefore, we became open to the diversities and being in such state with an open mind changes everything, for it also results in seeing a different part, a unique side of ourselves.

 A reason for that is while travelling, the main object of change is not what we see but how we see it and how we take and react to that change. Did it make me nervous, thrilled, intrigued, or a little bit of all? How do I react to that diversity I have just experienced? That is the question that unleashes the light through our self-awareness and self-journey. 

If we were to repeat the same actions and re-live in the same monotonous cycle over and over again, how are we to know our limits or most importantly our own great potential? 

However, does travelling always have to be long distances just to catch that glimpse of change and self-journey? 

It can be going to that desired cafe in your street which you never had time to, or to that museum that’s been wondering in your mind, or simply that back road you never took just because it was longer than the usual, and even reading that book you bought a few weeks ago with great enthusiasm but never could. For, the key essence is to be open to changes. Since the idea of travelling triggers an expectation for the unknown, a door in our mind opens and we become inclined to see what other people call “the ordinary” as a diversion. What if we were to step out of our doors, every morning, with that door being open? To expect to see the difference in our own little bubble… Wouldn’t our monotonous cycle turn itself into an everyday journey of self-exploration and therefore our well-repeated lives become spiced with every new decision we make? 

Every big change starts with the little act of fluttering of a butterfly. Make that fluttering within your soul and you should realize the powerful, constructive tornado grows inside. I am a person who strongly believes even the slightest act of change will cause a brand new cycle in our lives. 

Therefore, make sure you leave your house with your mental door open and always look for the unexpected. You might be surprised to see how many diversities your “monotonous cycle” could be possessing. 

Remember, travelling is mostly an act of mind which we become open to the unusual both within our personalities and our surroundings. That is why every day could be a new, one-way ticket journey to the exploration and self-development. 

Are you ready to start your first little travel?