moving home

There is stress in moving but there are also ways to alleviate it. Here we look at what you can do so you don’t suffer from a stress overload on your moving day!

You don’t have to tear your hair out on the day that you move home if you follow certain rules.

First of all, do not leave anything to the last minute! This is not the time to procrastinate. Make arrangements as early as possible for everything that must be done. This includes getting estimates from removal companies well in advance and then hiring the ones that are the best fit well in advance. This also means letting all essential people in your life know when you are planning to move, as well as finding out about insurance and banking needs. 

If there are items in your home that you plan to sell or donate then do that weeks in advance. Do not wait because if you end up with too much to do at the end then things like this will serve to do nothing but frustrate you. Remember that moving does not have to be stress laden unless you let it be. 

The items that you own that are special and need to be moved with the utmost caution should be marked as such. If they are not insured already them get to that ASAP. 

If you plan to buy anything new for the new place then time it properly so that the items will be shipped to your new residence and not your old one. As well, before moving day make sure that you get any repairs done and also that you get things that need to be cleaned done well in advance of the big day. 

Let those who wish to help you do so. Involve as many family members and friends as you can. The more help you receive the less stress will be placed on you. Any suggestions that they have about how to make your move that much simpler are ones that you should listen to carefully, especially if moving is something that you have not done a lot of in the past. 

Notify all those who must be notified that you will be moving and when it will take place. This includes for example your doctor, dentist, your workplace, your child’s school and so on. Go to 
the post office and fill out a change of address so none of your mail ends up lost in transit. 

Do your packing for the move in an organized fashion. Perhaps this is something that an individual eager to help can assist you with. Make sure that you label every box clearly with a marker. For example, mark boxes kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. It is also wise to make an inventory list for your moving needs. Include on it what is in each one of the boxes. Doing all of these things can help guarantee peace and mind when it comes time to load your life onto a truck!