All of us are witness to technological improvement and use new technology at every stage of life. The most influenced category for usage of every new technology is the youth of our country. Understanding the value of “every innovation” is the master key for nation development, which may bring lot of love in life while attaching with any new technology.

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As I did survey on social networking websites, innovations like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, etc., I experienced that 70% of the crowd is still confused about “the definition of social websites “and most of the people don’t even know how to make use of the right utilities of innovation and technology. We are even expecting faster internet speed for browsing.

The primary objective of every technology is to increase awareness in all the people and to educate them for personal cum social development.

The situation described below is completely based on survey of social networking, where we can save as many people as possible from ‘social crime’. This is applicable to each one of you, and those who have grown up in this society and respect Indian culture.

Technology usage structure

Above — Technology usage structure, clearly describes and categories the usage and objective of pessimistic and optimistic kind of people. Optimists are more concerned about self-respect and dignity, while pessimists are less concerned about society and dignity.

Loving society and culture, and contributing towards social awareness, and helping others are the primary focus areas of an optimist. That’s why the book’s title talks about ‘love is an optimism’. You only love somebody when you have enough amount of self-confidence and clarity of thoughts.

We can ask repetitive questions while evaluating ourselves while considering above — Technology usage structure. Based on the outcome from the answers we can make a plan to deal with technology. My personal recommendation is to adopt the character of an ‘optimist’.

The intention of this chapter is to educate each of you to understand the ‘right use of technology’. If you already doing it — very well. If you aren’t, then all the best for disaster in life. We can’t change the world until and unless we change ourselves.

Advantages of making the right use of technology:

  • Social awareness
  • Social networking building
  • Gaining confidence
  • Self-respect
  • Self-esteem

Drawbacks of not making the right use of technology:

  • Dilution of self-respect
  • Lack of clarity on society development
  • Stressful life
  • Low social awareness.
  • Wasting of valuable time and delay in outcome.

(T) Technology talks terrific tactics, terrific thoughts trace tragedy. Tragedy taught tumbling techniques, Trace-ability tunes tangible treatments, Trashy turns teach technique.

Diagram 18.2: Impact of Technology via Social Media

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